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This Voter is on the Side of Compromise in the Fiscal Cliff Debate

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As portions of the Republican Party split over how to tackle fiscal cliff negotiations, Yahoo News asked GOP voters to weigh in: Which camp in the party do they support? Here's one perspective.

COMMENTARY | Both parties are playing politics with the standard of living and livelihoods of millions of Americans, including two factions within the GOP -- one side supports staying true to the Grover Norquist pledge to not raise taxes and the other is open to raising them in exchange for cuts in spending.

At the moment, my representative, Morgan Griffith, has not said which side within the GOP he is on. After the election, he had indicated that he believes extending the Bush-era tax cuts for everyone is the best course for the economy, but he has been realistic that this will not happen given the election results. In the past, Griffith has broken with the GOP before and voted against the party line, most notably in a funding bill in April 2011. This fiscal cliff was actually created by Congress as it and the president played political football with the budget and allowed America's credit rating to fall.

I agree with Griffith that tax cuts should be extended for everyone, but I am realistic and acknowledge this won't happen.

In the end, both parties -- not just those within the GOP -- must reach a compromise. I am increasingly pessimistic about the possibility for compromise since both sides are so entrenched. This includes the president. All seem too eager to push us over the cliff to get their way -- much like spoiled brats throwing temper tantrums. This childishness on the part of all must end -- not just the split factions in the GOP.

Who is to blame? We, the voters, are for electing them.

-- Lyn Brooks, Roanoke, Va.

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