Voters' Picks: Obama Deserves a Second Chance

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Voters' Picks: Obama Deserves a Second Chance

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Cheryl E Preston holding sign supporting Obama. The notesays "Thank you Lawrence Wilkerson".

Just days before Nov. 6, Yahoo! asked voters to reveal which candidate they're backing -- Barack Obama or Mitt Romney or another candidate -- and, briefly, why. Here are one voter's thoughts.

In the past I have voted for Republican, Democrat and independents. I was undecided in this current election, but not anymore. I read an article in which Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff for Colin Powell said that the main reason Republicans in Washington have given President Obama such a hard time is because of racism.

I had suspected that this may have been a factor in Republicans giving the president so much opposition. I believe the president deserves a second term, so that he can implement some of the change promised in 2008. Perhaps now that the racism cat is out of the bag, Republicans in Washington might work better with Obama in a second term.

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