Waiting for the Blizzard in Rhode Island

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Yahoo! News is gathering brief first-person accounts, photos and video from the severe winter weather in the northeastern United States. Here's one resident's story.

FIRST PERSON | NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. -- 7:30 a.m.: It hasn't started snowing yet, but the wind has picked up in speed overnight. The sky looks grey and menacing. I went to the supermarket Thursday morning (along with at least 100 other people who seemed to have the same idea) and made sure I had enough food. The woman in the checkout line before me said the parking lot was in chaos and everybody was acting like the end of the world was coming. I thought it was very funny, and also very accurate. Now I am warm and safe indoors, and there is nothing to do except wait.

There is a feeling of impending doom and my joints ache. I'm not looking forward to this, but I'm as prepared as I can get. I don't drive due to a medical condition, and ironically I have often found that it is actually faster for me to walk right after a snowstorm, since I can be downtown in 15 minutes (OK, it does take longer when there is a lot of snow around), but people that live on the back roads usually aren't even dug out of their driveways or have had the roads plowed yet.

That advantage goes away after the first day or so because they don't pay much attention to the pedestrians and the priority, understandably, goes to the motorists. People like me have to deal with ice, slush, and all kinds of yuck. The plows have to dump the snow somewhere though, and it is usually right where I need to walk. So I have to either find a way around it, or climb over a slippery hill and hope that I don't fall on my behind, or worse, fall and land in the road in front of a car.

I'm also hoping the power won't go off. Or if it does, that it will only be off for a little while. The heat in this apartment is electric, and it will get really cold in here really fast.

8 a.m.: A few flakes are starting to appear. I don't suppose this will be like a lot of the other storms that have been predicted to hit this area and have turned out to be nothing, but it would be nice if that happened.

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