What I Want Changed Over the Next Four Years: Health Care

Next Four Years in Photos: What We Want Addressed

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What I Want Changed Over the Next Four Years:  Health Care

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Health insurance costs are high in the United States today.

What one issue should the nation address in the next four years? Yahoo News asked Americans to pinpoint something that affects them or their communities -- alongside a photo that visualizes that issue.

COMMENTARY | Over the next four years, I want Congress and the president to figure out health insurance reform. Many Americans are uninsured or underinsured and must hope that injury or disease does not strike. If they are hit with a sudden severe illness or injury they must go to hospital emergency rooms, sticking taxpayers with the bill. Out-of-pocket costs for everyday health care can be outrageous, and even having insurance does not necessarily mean full coverage. Pages of fine print reveal countless things that a health insurance policy will not pay for.

I am a young man who is recently married. My wife and I want to have another child soon, and much of that decision rests on health care costs. My job provides health insurance but hers does not. We are unsure what effects Obamacare will have on our health care budget, if any. We worry about higher taxes that are not accompanied by meaningful increases in family-friendly, middle-class-friendly health care legislation. I want Congress and the president to overhaul American health care and make it affordable for middle-class families.

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