Watch Bill Gates take the funniest ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ so far

It’s always fun when people in positions of power are willing to step down to make a fool of themselves for a good cause. That’s what Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg and Phil Schiller did earlier this week by dumping a bucket of freezing cold water onto their heads for the ALS awareness campaign, challenging their friends to do the same. One of the three people included in Zuckerberg’s list was Bill Gates, and he didn’t disappoint.

In Gates’ goofy but entertaining video, we see one of the pioneers of the personal computer accept the challenge from Zuckerberg and design a contraption which will allow him to “do it better than it’s been done.” Most people who take the Ice Bucket Challenge simply pick up a bucket of ice cold water and dump it over themselves. Not Bill Gates.

I know it’s not a competition — everyone has played a part in raising awareness of ALS and donating well over $1 million since the beginning of the challenge — but Gates might have the best Ice Bucket Challenge video so far. Check it out below and be on the lookout for Ryan Seacrest’s response, which will hopefully incorporate his incredible keyboard that we just can’t seem to stop writing about.

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