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1. Vin Diesel sings Rihanna's "Stay" and it's amazing
What's that you say? This is actually a couple of months old? Shame on you for keeping it to yourself then. For the 99.3 percent of us who haven't heard the Fast and Furious beefcake's tender and throaty take on RiRi, you're in for something magical.

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He's dripping with sincerity! (And doesn't sound half bad, either.) 10/10 would download on mp3.

2. This dog is a ninja
Dogs are good at lots of things. Making messes. Digging holes. This dog specializes in escaping from fenced-up kitchens, which I guess is a neat trick to show your friends on YouTube. (via Death and Taxes)

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3. A very emo Craigslist missed connection
Filed under: The most millennial thing I have ever seen. (H/T: @HeyVeronica)

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4. The Detroit Tigers' Prince Fielder helps himself to a nacho
Perfect mechanics. MLB play of the year. (via Reddit)

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5. Apple's sneaky Rickroll
This is a screenshot of an Apple support page for understanding iOS 7's new Control Center. If you look closely you can kinda see what it says... Click through for a larger image. (via Daily Dot)

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6. Exactly like that Miley Cyrus video

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