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The 7 best images, videos, and memes to emerge from the great digital playground — from Japan's superiority at life to the safest seat on an airplane

1. Japan is way cooler than us
As BuzzFeed points out, Americans invented (and subsequently ruined) the Harlem Shake. Meanwhile across the Pacific, Japanese school kids are doing next-level stuff like this:

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It's called Hadoken-ing.

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Dang. Pretty cool, huh?

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I know, Ryan. I'm sad for us, too. (Via BuzzFeed)

2. Koalas are rad
Bet you've never seen a koala running around on the floor before, have you? Huh, you have? Luckyyyyy. Here you go anyway. (Via Imgur)

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3. Limp Bizkit debuts a new song with Lil Wayne
The rap/nu-metal/rap collaboration that music aficionados across the globe have been breathlessly awaiting was finally revealed this week. Behold, world: "Ready to Go" by Limp Bizkit featuring Lil Wayne. Strong language ahead.

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Wait. What's that? This column is called best of the internet? Whoops! My bad, ya'll. (Via MTV)

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4. The singularity is nigh
Brace yourselves. Cats have learned how to reprogram our robotic vacuums and are using them against us. Send help. (Via Tumblr)

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5. Click, Print, Gun
Vice debuted a chilling but fascinating documentary about 3D-printed guns. The doc focuses on Cody R. Wilson, a bright, articulate 25-year-old University of Texas law student who's been using 3D printers to piece together AR-15 rifles. His aim? To expose what he sees as "the futility of gun regulation." (Via Motherboard)

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6. What's the safest seat on an airplane?
Your chances of dying in a plane crash are slim, just 1 in 4.7 million, says the Telegraph in a new report. But which seat gives you the highest likelihood of survival? Thanks to an analysis of deadly plane crashes with survivors, the answer: Sit in economy class, with your seat belt on, by a window, just a few rows away from the emergency exit. (Via the Telegraph)

7. Cat of the Week
Everyone please give a big, warm hug to Stanley, this week's winner. He's a big fan of hanging out. And eating, I think. (Thanks, Peter!)

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