Weight Loss

  • Luz Gonzalez Lost 173 Pounds: ‘My Faith Keeps Me Motivated’

    Luz Gonzalez is 60 and currently weighs 153 pounds. In 2011, after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she decided to lose weight for the sake of her health. She lost 173 pounds.

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  • Former Figure Skater Lost Half Her Size After She Couldn’t Land Her Jumps

    Growing up in a town with just three traffic lights, Ashley O’Reilly didn’t have much exposure to foods outside of her home. “There were all these restaurants I had never even seen before,” O’Reilly, 21, tells PEOPLE. For more on our six Half Their Size stars and their incredible weight loss stories, watch the full episode of People Features: Half Their Size, available now on the People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) and at People.com/halftheirsize.

  • Meet Oscar, the King Charles Spaniel Who Lost 40 Percent of His Body Weight in 6 Months

    Not long ago, Oscar the King Charles Spaniel had a nickname: “Fat Pie.” At least that was what owner Karen Allen of Wolverhampton, England, used to call her 10-year-old dog before he shed nearly 18 lbs. in a pet weight loss competition. The sales coordinator entered Oscar into Pet Fit Club, a contest organized by the charity The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) after his weight spiraled out of control. “He couldn’t even jump on the sofa,” says Allen, 57. A constant companion to Allen’s late parents, Oscar had been rewarded for his loyalty and good nature with people food — and too many treats.

  • Queen Creek mom shares incredible weight loss success story

    QUEEN CREEK - A Queen Creek mom, who was kicked off a ride at Disneyland for being too large, is now inspiring others to be healthy. Nine years ago, Christina Jordan wasn't able to get the amusement park ride seatbelt over her waist. At that time, she weighed 271 pounds. “It was an eye-opening moment for me – I couldn’t hide from weight any longer,” said Jordan. “I decided not to just get skinny but to get healthy.” Fast-forward to 2017 – she’s lost more than 130 pounds and is even featured in People magazine for her success. Instead of starving herself, Jordan started eating five to six times a day. Her meals now include a lean protein, good carbohydrates and healthy fats. Jordan is now a nutritionist

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  • Local woman's weight loss story featured in People

    PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A woman in Allentown is featured in People magazine for her extraordinary weight loss. She lost 133 pounds and has kept the weight off. For 49-year-old Joanne Raymond, the third time was a charm. She had lost 100 pounds twice before, but quickly gained it back. This time, it's different. She's gone from wearing size 24 pants to size two, and has kept the weight off for almost two years. Raymond is one of six featured in People's "Half their Size" issue. She tells Action News, she feels like a new person. "Amazing, amazing. I get up every morning with an abundance of energy, amazing difference," Raymond said. In the past, she says years of yo-yo dieting lead to losing weight

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