My Weiner Has a First Name, It's A-N-T-H-O-N-Y

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Former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who infamously fled Congress after his sexting scandal, announced Wednesday he'll run for mayor of New York. Would voters elect him? Here's one resident's reaction.

COMMENTARY | Everyone is talking about Anthony Weiner announcing his run for mayor of New York City. Personally, I am glad he is in the race, and he will definitely get my vote.

Look people, we are not voting for who is the greatest human being in the race. Yes, the guy sent out tweets of his groin to numerous women who were not his wife. Does that make him unqualified to be our next mayor? No, but maybe it rules him out as "Husband of the Year."

If the race for, say, "Most Decent Upstanding Guy," he would probably finish last. Frankly, the guy is a creep. But I want my next mayor to be qualified, even if he is a lousy human being, a terrible husband and father, and a black eye on we reputable men everywhere. I vote on politics, not morality.

Look at Weiner's platform: He's pro-choice. He wants to expand Medicare. He has consistently fought for the middle class, he wants a single-payer health system for the uninsured, he wants to improve the city school system, and he wants subway Wi-Fi in NYC.

Based on those issues alone, he's my guy.

When I look at the rest of my choices for mayor, I am not pleased. The only other candidate that appeals to me is Christine Quinn, who is basically Mike Bloomberg, reincarnated as a lesbian. Do I really want another four years of Mayor Mike? (We've had him for almost 12 years.)

Sure, I wish Weiner would have kept his "wiener" to himself. But even with his manhood on full display, Weiner is a far better candidate than the other mayoral want-to-bes.

In his defense, Weiner apologized for lying. His wife forgave him. Now, it's time all New Yorkers to choose the right person for the job based on what they can do for their city. Look, we all want full exposure from our politicians. Perhaps, in Weiner we have already received too much. But for me, when that primary arrives in September, I am casting my vote for Anthony Weiner, whom I believe is the best candidate in the field, and will be the next mayor of New York City.

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