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Coming soon to TheWeek.com: A weekly advice column. Send us your dilemmas!

Give me your confused, your aggravated, your bewildered. Send me your perplexed, your rattled, your befuddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Yes indeed — I'm the new advice columnist at TheWeek.com, and I'm here to steer you right on dating dilemmas, parenting pickles, workplace woes, and every juicy quandary in between. 

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As a veteran journalist, I've reported on opportunities that spring from wise decisions, and unfortunate incidents that arise from bad ones. And like you, I've been through some stuff.

Named for a song in the rock musical Hair, in which my father starred naked, I survived a Hollywood hippie childhood to become a news reporter, music critic, travel writer, and often overwhelmed mother of two. Life's messy — but advice shouldn't be.

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Sensible and straight-talking, I'm the opinionated best friend you never knew you wanted. The gal who tells it to you straight. The occasionally snarky voice of reason. The this-is-gonna-hurt-you-more-than-it-hurts-me coach and confidant.

I don't like liars, I have no patience for whiners, and in truth, I'm not even a great listener. But I'm an excellent reader, so type your troubles to me — we won't publish your name! — and I'll help you find freedom from what flummoxes you.

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Send me your dilemmas via email: ToughLove@TheWeek.com. And follow me on Twitter: @ToughLoveAdvice

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