The biggest complaints about the iPad Air, 9 days before it has even been released

Daniel Bean, Yahoo News
Yahoo News

It's become an annual tradition: Complaining about Apple products before they are released or anyone has even touched them.

The new iPad Air and iPad mini were announced at Apple's press event Tuesday, and the complaints are rolling in, with just over a week before their in-store availability dates. Both devices are, at their cores, newer versions of last year's iPads, with some improved specs and added features.

What features and improvements did Apple leave out? How did Apple screw up its newest iPads? Well, that's evidently for Twitter to decide.

What follows is a comprehensive rundown of the most persistent complaints about the iPad Air and the iPad mini, days before either has been released. While new complaints are sure to pop up as soon as these tablets start shipping, let's focus on the perceived errors of Apple's yet-to-be-sold latest.

(Sidenote: Many deskchair pundits were most disappointed by Internet rumors that didn't pan out: a Microsoft Surface-like keyboard cover, a gold color option, the inclusion of Touch ID, Apple's fingerprint sensor technology. Indeed: A surprising number of Twitter users really wanted the gold.)

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Gimme da gold!!

Below, take a look at our tweet roundup of the biggest complaints about the new, not-yet-available iPads from Apple.

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