While Not as Bad as Feared, Winter Storm Nemo Continues Assault on Western Connecticut

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While Not as Bad as Feared, Winter Storm Nemo Continues Assault on Western Connecticut

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Usually pretty lively on a Friday night, Bank Street in New Milford, Connecticut is deserted as Winter …

The current predictions of 10-15 inches of snow in New Milford, Conn. are still a lot to handle, but not as bad as initially expected. New Milford is not usually a lively town to begin with, but one would expect to see a large amount of traffic in our village green, especially on a Friday night. Instead, all that can be seen from anywhere in town are the yellow lights of plow trucks and the beautiful snow falling from the sky. Instead of hearing the sounds of moving cars and trucks, the only sounds that can be heard are those of plows and sirens from emergency vehicles.

The storm is still dumping fresh inches of snow with each passing hour and the winds are picking up, creating large mountains of snow next to any structure that will allow it. Meteorologists have been saying all along that they are expecting most of the damage to occur overnight, so the fear of losing power is one of the biggest any resident of Connecticut can have. We have had numerous issues with our electric companies restoring power in a timely manner during the past several years and it is simply too cold in the area to have to worry about not having power for a week or more.

The usual busy Friday night crowds won't be at the bars in my town or any nearby with the state banning travel on the highway, so tonight (2/8/13) will go down as a wasted night for area businesses. While it won't help those business owners when it comes time to pay their bills, at least we were prepared for whatever Mother Nature had to throw our way this time.

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