Why Racism Will Be Key Issue for Liberal Media in 2012 Election

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COMMENTARY | When President Obama won the election in 2008, many news sources stated that Dr. Martin Luther King's dream had come true. Statements like "Racism is Dead" were shown across TVs all across the country. The liberal side of the media has tried to ram statements of racism in the Tea Party. As a former political consultant, I have a strong feeling that the media's play of the race card is only going to get stronger in the next year.

At this point, the economy is not much better than when President Obama took office. Granted, we were on the brink of economic collapse, but we have hovered around a double dip recession ever since. Our military is still spread too thin across the Middle East. If anything, we are dealing with a worse scenario with the fact that Pakistan could be the next country that we "liberate." Millions of people are still out of work, and could still be for a very long time. There has been very little improvement at all.

Without having the arguments of improvements, the liberal side of the media does not have very much of a stage to stand on in support of the president. The liberals can hope for President Obama to pull a rabbit out of his hat, but the chances of that are slim with Republican opposition in the House and Senate. They can attack the opposition, but that is just a given thing in any election. The other option is to continue to play the race card.

By playing the race card, the liberals are able to take a stab at reinvigorating the minority vote. As it did in 2008, it will find the people that wanted to vote for Obama just to prove that they were not racist and so that they could not be linked to those that were portrayed as racist. At the same time, the race card can cause for people to become leery of, or second guess, anyone that the Republicans put it.

While I hate the idea of using racism as a key to the 2012 Election, I realize that is going to happen whether I like it or not. For me, it is one step away from the propaganda that dictators use because they do not have a legitimate foot to stand on. The 2012 election will be more about race than the one in 2008.

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