Why I Voted for Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday

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Mitt Romney after his win in Maine on Saturday. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

Super Tuesday is on, and with it 11 individual primaries with 437 delegates are up for grabs. One of those primaries is Massachusetts, where I am registered to vote. I am in my early 20s, living in Cambridge, and working in web design.

Given the choices, I was certain my vote would go toward the former governor of this great state, Mitt Romney.

Romney was governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. In his time as governor, he was able to tackle a number of pressing issues, including a large budget deficit that topped $3 billion. Before long, with Romney at the helm, he was able to reduce the deficit by half.

I don't think Romney will be able to have that immediate of an effect on the nation as a whole if he wins the presidency. However, his tenure as governor of Massachusetts shows he is willing and able to run a large population. Romney is the best choice for the Republican Party. He has the right mix of experience and youth to excite and inspire the GOP.

Romney is the best Republican candidate because he has the best chances to win in the November general election over President Barack Obama. Romney has the most high-profile supporters and is leading in nearly every poll. It would foolish not to vote for Romney, who is riding high and will continue to do so through Super Tuesday.

With Romney at the helm, there will finally be someone with financial accountability. Romney will be able to wrangle both sides of the aisle into some much needed fiscal responsibility. The country is deeply in debt, but if Romney is elected president, the national will have its best chance to return to solvency.

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