Why I Won't Vote for Anthony Weiner for Mayor (at Least, Not in the Primary)

My Reasons for Not Voting for Anthony Weiner

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Former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who infamously fled Congress after his sexting scandal, announced Wednesday he'll run for mayor of New York. Would voters elect him? Here's one resident's reaction.

COMMENTARY | He may win, but he'll do it without my vote. Why won't I vote for him? I'm a lifelong Democrat and lifelong Manhattanite, so I will be voting in the Democratic primary. There are many candidates, and I have not made a firm decision yet for whom I will vote. I am considering Bill deBlasio and Bill Thompson.

If Anthony hadn't become infamous for his sexting episode, I would certainly consider him. His record was one I largely sympathized with. But if Anthony Weiner wins the primary, he will face a Republican. And that campaign will be nasty. I want to elect a Democrat who can beat whomever the Republicans nominate. And I want the race to be about the issues, not about behavior on Twitter.

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