Wii U Launching For $299 on Nov. 18

Wii U Launching For $299 on Nov. 18

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Nintendo announced its newest console, the Wii U, would be released on Nov. 18 for a $299 base price at a press event in New York City Thursday morning.

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There will be two different console configurations. The basic console will include the Wii U console, the Wii U gamepad, a charger, a sensor bar and a HDMI cable. The basic set will only be available in white.

The deluxe set will be available with an additional game pad and charger, as well as Nintendo Land. That console will be available in black. It will cost $349.

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The Wii U will not be sold with any Wii remotes or accessories such as the nunchuck. It will work with the old accessories from the Wii, but Wii U branded Wiimotes and Nunchucks will be available at retailers.

The Wii U GamePad, Nintendo's spotlighted feature from the console, will have a 6.2-inch LCD touch screen, and will function as an asynchronous monitor for the console.

Along with NIntendoLand, The New Super Mario Bros. U will also be available at launch.

Nintendo announced the console's release date in Japan earlier Thursday morning. It will be released much later, on Dec. 8, but will have similar bundling and configurations.

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