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Wisconsin, Maryland Voters Still Mixed on GOP Nominee

Mitt Romney May Be Inevitable, Say Some, but Others Are Still Snagging Support

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On Tuesday, GOP voters will cast ballots for last time until April 24, starting a 21-day stretch that will provide Republicans with plenty of time to consider whether Mitt Romney is cementing his case as the "inevitable" candidate.

Yahoo! News asked voters in Tuesday's primaries to weigh in with their decisions. Here is a highlighted handful:

In Wisconsin, I should be voting for Ron Paul, but I'm not: "Many of my friends and colleagues are 100 percent on the Ron Paul bandwagon, and I feel as if I should be as well, but when I cast my ballot, it'll be for Mitt Romney. I fit many of molds that Paul supporters are usually cast in: I'm a young voter, I live in a college town, and I consider myself a conservative in favor of some serious overhaul in Washington D.C. But my decision to vote Romney over Paul ultimately comes down to one word: electability.

"Besides, who's to say there won't be a Romney/Paul ticket anyway?" -- Kent Lister, Platteville, Wis.


Santorum's Christian values, fiscal responsibility earn my vote: "That the Santorums have Christian values and a large family is a telltale sign they know how to budget. This is what America needs -- we need to budget. I don't want to burden my daughter with repaying and repairing the damage we have done. The United States has added nearly $5 trillion to our children's debt since Obama took office, according to CBS News.

"Santorum's five-year plan to get America out of the red is a very ambitious task, but I think you need to shoot for the moon." -- Ashley Brill, Oostburg, Wis.


Even with lukewarm support, there is no choice but Mitt Romney: "The GOP primary has arrived in Maryland. Our voices will finally be heard: Whom do we want representing the Republican Party in the general election?

"Not really. The mainstream media, and maybe rightfully so, have decided Mitt Romney is so far ahead that Rick Santorum can't possibly catch up to him.

"Even if the debt issue won't be solved during this political cycle, I can at least hope for an improved economy. And that is why I will give Romney my lukewarm support." -- Matt Prpich, Arbutus, Md.


Santorum's education views sway this voter: "One issue of equal importance seems to have been brushed aside during debates: education! At 35, I recently resigned from a 12-year career as a teacher in Milwaukee Public Schools to be a stay-at-home mom. In my early years as a teacher, I believed I could help all students reach their learning potential and positively impact their futures. It didn't occur to me until a few years into my career that educational politics were hindering much of my hard work.

"[Santorum] believes in making parents accountable and putting them in the driver's seat when it comes to their child's education. Promoting a higher level of involvement from parents and enforcing accountability at local and state levels while decreasing the federal government's role could change the face of education in our country making our nation's schools more successful and competitive." -- Kristie Farnham, Hudson, Wis.


Gingrich matches this Maryland voter's beliefs: "I am looking for a candidate who sees the need to reduce and eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, opposes the death penalty, is proud of his faith and doesn't want to see it removed from our country systematically by overzealous judges, is pro-life, and recognizes the need to protect the benefits and care of active duty military and military veterans like me.

"Bottom line: I have to go with the candidate who most matches my ideas and values. That candidate is Newt Gingrich." -- Wendy Stewart, Baltimore


Why I will vote for Ron Paul in Wisconsin's primary: "The single most important issue in my choice of a candidate is freedom. Paul is the only one who believes in less government control, not more. Paul is the only one who believes in less government involvement, not more. Paul, as president, would bring our country back to its roots, back to being a place where people want to live. Paul, through providing freedom for all, would make America into a country that I could, once again, be proud to live in." -- Emily Acker, Rib Lake, Wis.


As a reformer's dream, Ron Paul deserves this Wisconsin vote: "As a GOP voter in his mid-20s and an advocate for drug reform, I am confidently throwing my support behind Ron Paul.

"I have personally watched as our mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters have been thrown into the justice system for minor, nonviolent drug offenses only to come out the other side more hardened criminals. Before being truly reformed, I was one of them. Paul has noticed these same problems, and he is also the only candidate to suggest we fix our failed domestic policy." -- Eric Bauer, Madison, Wis.

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