• Ukraine says it aims to prevent Russian attacks at WW2 commemorations

    By Natalia Zinets KIEV(Reuters) - Ukraine is planning an operation involving tens of thousands of police to guard against any attack by separatists or Russian agents during World War Two commemorations next month, security chiefs said on Tuesday. Kiev said one Ukrainian serviceman had been killed…

    Reuters23 mins ago
  • Old loyalties, religious cohesion may frustrate Islamic State in Libya

    By Ulf Laessing CAIRO (Reuters) - Islamic State's executions of Christians show the group is exploiting Libya's lawlessness but tribal and political loyalties and the absence of a sectarian divide mean it is unlikely to grow as rapidly there as in Iraq or Syria. On Sunday, the militant group…

  • South Africa deploys army to curb anti-immigrant violence

    South Africa deployed the army on Tuesday in "volatile areas" to curb a wave of anti-immigrant violence that has killed at least seven people this month, the defense minister said. The latest wave of anti-immigrant attacks began almost three weeks ago in parts of the coastal city of Durban in…

    Reuters14 mins ago
  • US sending carrier to Yemen coast as civilian casualties mount

    A US aircraft carrier and guided-missile cruiser are steaming to the waters off Yemen to dissuade Iranian ships from delivering arms to Houthi rebels there, a move the White House has cast as primarily a show of force. The USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Normandy will join 10 other American…

    Christian Science Monitor28 mins ago
  • Seeking true justice

    In searching for a true sense of justice, I have turned to the Bible to find that divine justice cares for the innocent and redeems the wrongdoer who wants to change his or her life. In her discovery of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy found that an inspired interpretation of Bible texts shows…

    Christian Science Monitor36 mins ago
  • What do Americans really think about abortion? The answer may surprise you

    Abortion is one of the most polarizing issues in the United States today, but public opinion may not be as black and white as it seems. The poll’s findings unearth the nuances in public opinion often neglected when the media, politicians, and other opinion surveys frame the abortion debate as…

    Christian Science Monitor
  • Tsarnaev trial didn't stop Boston from celebrating its marathon

    Runners fought through the rain this morning, approaching the foot of Heartbreak Hill with the same clenched jaws and heaving chests as generations of runners have before them. The 119th Boston Marathon came off today with the weather being the only major dampener on an event that appears to be…

    Christian Science Monitor
  • Israel's Netanyahu says sanctions should remain on Iran

    JERUSALEM (AP) — As the international community moves to finalize a nuclear deal with Iran, Israel's prime minister says crippling sanctions should be maintained against the Islamic Republic until the country ends its regional "aggression."

    Associated Press
  • Bombings kill 12 people in Iraq

    BAGHDAD (AP) — A series of bombings in and north of Baghdad on Saturday killed 12 people, including a soldier and his entire family, said Iraqi officials.

    Associated Press
  • How countries cope with migrants arriving by boat

    Two recent shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea believed to have taken the lives of as many as 1,300 asylum seekers and migrants highlight the growing number of people fleeing persecution, war and economic difficulties in their homelands.

    Associated Press50 mins ago
  • U.S. Catholic bishop in child pornography case resigns, Vatican says

    By Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas City, who was convicted of failing to alert authorities to a trove of child pornography found on a priest's computer in 2012, has resigned, the Vatican said on Tuesday. Groups representing victims of abuse by clerics had…

    Reuters10 mins ago
  • IAAF's Diack: Russia won't be excluded for doping plague

    SOCHI, Russia (AP) — IAAF President Lamine Diack says Russia will not be barred from major athletics competitions because of allegations of a systematic doping program.

    Associated Press20 mins ago
  • Somalia police: 9 killed by car bomb in capital

    MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A car bomb killed at least nine people and wounded many others at a restaurant in Somalia's capital on Tuesday, police said.

    Associated Press20 mins ago
  • Arrival of more U.S. warships off Yemen tightens 'siege': Houthis

    A senior official in the Iran-allied Houthi movement said the movement of more U.S. warships into waters off Yemen escalates Washington's role in a Saudi-led campaign against the group and aims at tightening a "siege" on the country. Saudi Arabia and Sunni Arab allies have been bombing the group…

    Reuters22 mins ago
  • One Ukrainian servicemen killed in past 24 hours in east

    One Ukrainian serviceman was killed and one wounded in attacks by pro-Russian separatists in the east of Ukraine in the past 24 hours, Kiev's military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said on Tuesday. Ukraine's military and the separatists have accused each other of attacks in past weeks, putting further…

    Reuters23 mins ago
  • Chris Froome returning to competition at Walloon Arrow

    PARIS (AP) — Former Tour de France champion Chris Froome will resume his preparations for the prestigious race at the Walloon Arrow one-day classic.

    Associated Press26 mins ago
  • Exiled Tibet gov't presses China on missing Buddhist leader

    DHARMSALA, India (AP) — The Tibetan government-in-exile wants supporters to help pressure China to release the 11th Panchan Lama, a Buddhist leader who is believed to have been in Chinese custody since his disappearance as a child 20 years ago, the government's spokesman said Tuesday.

    Associated Press27 mins ago
  • Egyptian Brotherhood figure says younger members taking up leadership roles

    Younger members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are taking up leadership roles as the movement renews itself despite the widespread jailing of its members, a senior Brotherhood figure told Reuters in Istanbul on Tuesday. "The overall attitude of the brotherhood (is) more revolutionary because…

    Reuters29 mins ago
  • US couple sentenced to prison in Bali suitcase killing

    BALI, Indonesia (AP) — An Indonesian court found an American couple guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced them to prison on Tuesday in the killing of the woman's mother on the resort island of Bali.

    Associated Press29 mins ago
  • Prosecutors blame captain for causing deaths in migrant shipwreck

    By James Mackenzie CATANIA, Italy (Reuters) - Prosecutors blamed the Tunisian captain of a fishing boat for causing the deaths of hundreds of migrants locked below decks when his vessel capsized in the Mediterranean, in the weekend shipwreck that has shocked Europe. Prosecutors said on Tuesday…

    Reuters32 mins ago