• Two air strikes in Yemen kill at least 40 people, mostly civilians

    (Reuters) - Two air strikes in Yemen on Tuesday killed at least 40 people, most of them civilians and wounded dozens of others, medical sources said. One strike hit a bridge in central Ibb province as cars carrying militia members were driving on it, residents said, killing at least 20 people,…

  • Kerry to host Japan's Abe in Boston on April 26: State Department

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will host Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Boston on Sunday, April 26, as part of the Japanese leader's visit to the United States, the State Department said on Tuesday. Kerry will travel to New York on April 27 for a series of…

  • Iranian flotilla a 'factor' in warship deployment off Yemen: Pentagon

    By David Alexander WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon said on Tuesday the presence of a large convoy of Iranian cargo ships in the Arabian Sea was one factor in the U.S. decision to deploy additional warships in the waters off war-torn Yemen but was not the primary reason for the move. Army…

    Reuters36 mins ago
  • Did the Koch brothers just reveal who they will support in 2016?

    In politics, earning the support of Charles and David Koch is like winning the Republican lottery and advancing halfway to the finish line. As the Republican 2016 primary race heats up, a fierce competition is underway for the brothers' blessing: The coming months will feature a string of…

    Christian Science Monitor43 mins ago
  • Supreme Court rules police can't stall traffic stops for dog sniff for drugs

    A motorist pulled over for a traffic violation may not be detained by police longer than necessary for the officer to issue a ticket or warning for the alleged driving infraction, the US Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday. “We hold that a police stop exceeding the time needed to handle the matter for…

    Christian Science Monitor
  • Can Syria's Assad withstand latest battlefield setbacks?

    Having clung to power for four years amid an armed uprising, the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is being buffeted by a series of battlefield setbacks that could place fresh strains on its internal cohesion. While there are no indications yet that Mr. Assad plans to drop his hard-line…

    Christian Science Monitor
  • Deadly Mediterranean shipwreck spurs European U-turn on migrant crisis

    Launched just six months ago, the European Union's "Triton" Mediterranean patrol mission was meant to end an Italian search-and-rescue operation viewed as too expensive and too much of an incentive for migrants to illegally cross the sea to try and reach Europe. It is also considering whether –…

    Christian Science Monitor
  • Israel's Netanyahu says sanctions should remain on Iran

    JERUSALEM (AP) — As the international community moves to finalize a nuclear deal with Iran, Israel's prime minister says crippling sanctions should be maintained against the Islamic Republic until the country ends its regional "aggression."

    Associated Press
  • Bombings kill 12 people in Iraq

    BAGHDAD (AP) — A series of bombings in and north of Baghdad on Saturday killed 12 people, including a soldier and his entire family, said Iraqi officials.

    Associated Press
  • Piers Morgan quizzed by police over tabloid phone hacking

    LONDON (AP) — Former CNN host Piers Morgan was questioned for a second time by British police Tuesday about tabloid phone hacking.

    Associated Press13 mins ago
  • Teva offers to buy Mylan in $40.1B cash-and-stock deal

    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Generic drug giant Teva formally offered to buy fellow drugmaker Mylan for about $40.1 billion in cash and stock on Tuesday, despite Mylan's cold shoulder and the certainty the proposed acquisition will bring intense scrutiny by antitrust regulators.

    Associated Press15 mins ago
  • US targets 700 Miami firms for money laundering scrutiny

    MIAMI (AP) — U.S. investigators are targeting 700 businesses in the Miami area for enhanced scrutiny to detect trade-based money laundering schemes involving Latin American criminal organizations, authorities announced Tuesday.

    Associated Press15 mins ago
  • Saudi: Campaign against Yemen rebels enters new phase

    SANAA, Yemen (AP) — A spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition targeting rebels in Yemen says the so-called "Decisive Storm" campaign is over, but that allies will launch a new phase aimed at preventing the rebels from operating.

    Associated Press17 mins ago
  • For migrants used to danger, Islamic State poses new threat

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Tesfay Kidane's troubles began with a simple request: He wanted to go to his brother's wedding.

    Associated Press20 mins ago
  • Customs officials find 700 weapons in a house in Germany

    BERLIN (AP) — Customs officials say they have found about 700 weapons and 2.2 tons of ammunition in a house in western Germany, hoarded by a man who sold arms without a valid license.

    Associated Press22 mins ago
  • Germany's Black Forest: Dark woods and mushrooms

    ENZKLOSTERLE, Germany (AP) — The Black Forest gets its name from a canopy of trees so dense that the woods seem dark, pierced only by shafts of sunlight. Mushrooms sprout across the damp forest floor. Red squirrels scamper up the towering trees; streams tumble over rocks.

    Associated Press23 mins ago
  • Egypt's ousted president Morsi jailed for 20 years

    An Egyptian court sentenced ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi to 20 years in prison Tuesday for abuses against protesters but acquitted him of charges carrying a possible death penalty. Morsi was convicted of ordering the arrest and torture of demonstrators involved in clashes in 2012 when…

    AFP23 mins ago