Worm in CapriSun Drink One of Many Disgusting Items Found in Foods

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WSOC-TV reports a 10-year-old boy in North Carolina took a drink out of a pouch of CapriSun when he made a nasty discovery. The boy started choking when he pulled a worm out of his mouth. Christina Stewart, the boy's mother, took him to the doctor to seek medical treatment in case there were any infections.

Here's a look at this case, among many others, of disgusting items found in food that should normally be safe for human consumption.

Mold, Not Worm

Kraft Foods, the parent company of CapriSun, issued a statement claiming it felt the worm was actually mold. If there is even a small hole in the pouch, mold can grow inside the pouch since CapriSun is made without preservatives.

The company also stated in similar cases when pouches have been returned to the company, the worm-like substance is mold as opposed to worms growing inside packages. Stewart told the television station that the doctor felt as if the object was a worm.

Frog in Pepsi Can

CNN reported in September 2009 that the Food and Drug Administration determined there was a frog inside a Diet Pepsi can. Testing concluded the strange, slimy and disgusting object was a frog that had some of its internal organs removed. How the frog got there in the sealed can remained a mystery. Officials inspected the bottling plant in Orlando, Fla., in mid-August 2009. No anomalies were found. Company officials stated the high-speed production process makes it virtually impossible for such an object to be found inside a can of soda.

Frozen Custard Finger

The Seattle Times reported in May 2005 that a man in North Carolina found a severed human finger in a pint of frozen custard. One employee lost part of a finger in a food processing machine and it fell into a bucket of frozen custard at a Kohl's Frozen Custard location in Wilmington, N.C.

Unfortunately, an employee in the drive thru window began serving the frozen custard to customer without knowing the severed finger was in the batch. The case was similar to a fake claim in March 2005 when a woman said she bit into a severed finger in a Wendy's sandwich.

Condom in Clam Chowder

Seafood restaurant McCormick & Schmick's settled a lawsuit in January 2004 brought by a woman who found a disgusting ingredient in clam chowder. Laila Sultan sent the order of clam chowder to be warmed up when she found a rolled up condom in her soup in February 2003.

The privately held seafood chain operates 42 restaurants on the west coast. CNN reported the case was settled out of court after Sultan filed a civil lawsuit against the restaurant.

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