Best comeback winner: Sidney Crosby

It was the comeback many feared would never happen.

Sidney Crosby missed almost half an NHL season with a concussion, and fans were worried one of the game's best players might never return.

The only other time this much video has been taken of a player skating around pylons in a practice jersey is likely some father at the local rink who thinks his 10-year-old is the next Crosby. But Sid the Kid is the league's brightest star, and his pair of comebacks from post-concussion syndrome was one of the dominant storylines during the 2011-12 season.

What made his turned his story from good to great was his coming back stronger than ever, leading our readers to proclaim his comeback award-worthy.

"Crosby easily. He had 25 points in 14 games in his return to finish the season. That's just under two points per game which in this era of NHL is unheard of."

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