25-year-old COVID patient cheats death 3 times

Jasob Barbosa was young and healthy with no pre-existing conditions, but his COVID case was so severe, he almost died three times.

Video Transcript

JEFFREY HUMMEL: For some reason, you got another chance.

JOHN GARCIA: It's the first time Jason Barbosa has met the doctor who saved his life. The last time Dr. Jeffrey Hummel treated Barbosa, he was unconscious. COVID-19 forced him into a coma for six weeks. He says his entire body shut down and the virus nearly killed him on several occasions.

JASON BARBOSA: They told my family to say goodbye to me three times, because they were going to disconnect me.

JOHN GARCIA: But he survived, and is now on the long road to recovery.

JEFFREY HUMMEL: I am amazed at how wonderful he looks. Just amazed. It's truly a miracle.

JOHN GARCIA: While Barbosa has some relatives here, his immediate family-- his wife, two children, and parents-- are all in Mexico. So they were unable to visit him for the nearly four months he was in Central DuPage Hospital.


JOHN GARCIA: He's 25 years old, had no pre-existing health concerns, and his doctor says his case should serve as a warning.

JEFFREY HUMMEL: Young people need to take this very seriously also. Every day in our intensive care unit, people are dying from the virus.

JOHN GARCIA: Barbosa was released last August. But he still has to check in at the hospital frequently while he deals with the after effects of the virus. He's hoping to get the vaccine as soon as he can, and hoping to see his family.

JASON BARBOSA: When I woke up, it was the first thing that came to my mind. Like, wanting to survive, wanting-- being positive to be able to be there for them.

JOHN GARCIA: At its peak, Central DuPage Hospital was treating 111 COVID patients. Right now, that number is down to about 25. But doctors say it's important to remember the threat of serious illness or even death remains. In Warrenville, John Garcia, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.