Jets draft pick Michael Carter II on his versatility and 'other' Michael Carter | 2021 NFL Draft

New York Jets draft pick Michael Carter II explains how his versatility will help him help the team, and also reveals a scouting report on another Jets rookie named Michael Carter, as he played against the UNC Tarheels running back in college at Duke.

Video Transcript

MICHAEL CARTER: I play safety, corner, [? nickel, ?] all that stuff at Duke, and I feel like you know, whatever's asked of me with the Jets, you know, I'm willing to play all those spots, as well, and move around and be willing to learn and be first to the next level as well. So whatever's asked of me, I'm willing and ready to do that.

I think most definitely, it'll help just my ability to pick up on things quickly and learn things, learn fast and be able to jump into different spots. And just be able to be versatile and do whatever is asked of me. It'll definitely pay off and pays dividends in the NFL, as well.

- Could you give us a scouting report on the other Michael Carter, having gone against him?

MICHAEL CARTER: Yeah, a great, great running back, contact balance off the charts, catching the ball. The versatile back, as well. You can ask a lot of him and he can do a lot for your team. So I think he's going to definitely make an impact.