$1.1 million Fort Mitchell home sale among the week's top property transfers

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Find out how much property is selling for in your neighborhood.
Find out how much property is selling for in your neighborhood.

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Information provided by Hamilton County Auditor Brigid Kelly.

Amberley Village

3695 Gardner Ave: Pastorello Jeffrey M & Tomek Shannon M to Brown David Isaiah & Margaret R Brown; $340,000

Anderson Township

1241 Schirmer Ave: Jason George M to Da Vinci Properties LLC; $63,141

1243 Bondick Dr: Green Gary to West Phillip; $142,000

1350 Plazaview Ct: Parker Sondra & John Rich to Berning Jessica & Richard; $385,000

5909 Lengwood Dr: Shoup Robert K & Veronica Vargas to Shoup Robert K & Veronica Vargas; $515,000

6911 Moorfield Dr: Emmett Patrick Joseph to Gut Vanessa & James Clark Stanley; $327,900

774 Roundtree Ct: Rouse Pamela to Oneill Brien & Marissa; $479,000


28 Wuest St: Vork Young Emily A & Matthew E to Abernathy Casey; $237,500

709 Glenwood Ave: Tdtr LLC to Maq Investments LLC; $83,000

Blue Ash

4559 Cooper Rd: Flannery Richard J to Morgan Leann M; $140,000

4911 Laurel Ave: to Dibowski Michael R & Laura A; $180,000

Bond Hill

1802 Berkley Ave: England Joseph W to Willis Betty; $240,000

1942 Lawn Ave: Gtg Homes LLC to Yisrael Amuna; $174,900

Business District

915 Vine St: Court And Vine Holdings LLC to Mckenna William; $250,000

Camp Washington

2934 Sidney Ave: Smith Nedra B to Leiva Franklin & Keren Hernandez; $53,000

3117 Colerain Ave: Brick Magicians LLC to 605 Van Roberts LLC; $80,000


109 Sixty-ninth St: Davidson Herbert & Eunice M to Smith Paul; $53,000

6648 Vine St: Cincy Property Care LLC to Penmatsa Nalini; $85,000

6717 Van Kirk Ave: Rice Diane Tr to Williams Gail A; $120,000


3334 Augusta Ave: Equity Trust Company Custodian to Funk Danielle Jezreel; $125,000

3632 Mozart Ave: Neyer Kimberly to Noble Roger & Brianna; $212,500


500 Mt Nebo Rd: Aramendiz Catherine Palacios to Baxter Trevor; $100,000


3314 Ormond Ave: Mcmahon Julie to Paola Gloria; $449,900

814 Dunore Rd: Mazlack Lawrence J to Ostrander Kenneth & Michelle; $200,000

Colerain Township

10309 Moonflower Ct: Sfr3 050 LLC to Jackson Rita L; $156,500

10987 Newmarket Dr: Farrell Ryan T to Luckett Brendan Myles; $165,000

12025 Wincanton Dr: A & R House 2 Home LLC to Quincy 995 LLC; $175,000

2439 Roosevelt Ave: Langworthy John to Coconut Cove LLC; $116,000

2449 Roosevelt Ave: Langworthy John to Coconut Cove LLC; $116,000

2495 Fulbourne Dr: Wassink Lincoln J & Michaela Buettner to Asbell Jonathan & Diane; $215,000

2529 Compton Rd: Pfeiffer Enterprises Of Cincinnati LLC to Atkinson Geoffrey; $18,000

2533 Compton Rd: Pfeiffer Enterprises Of Cincinnati LLC to Atkinson Geoffrey; $18,000

2539 Garrison Dr: Gtg Homes LLC to Hagl Kylie R & Julia M; $188,800

2591 Dolphin Dr: Benchmark Property Consultants LLC to Ape Properties LLC; $36,000

3241 Crest Rd: Clark Evan & Jensine to Correll Josh; $130,000

3318 Niagara St: Wilmington Savings Fund Society Tr to Moy Tenley & Greg Harman; $71,000

3328 Bauerwoods Dr: Bice Poppy D to Wilson Tiffiany & Gerald; $242,205

3408 Amberway Ct: Prasinos Angela to Young Howard Yvonne P; $105,000

3471 Springdale Rd: Mattan Joseph F Sr Tr & Evelyn M Tr to Turnkey Cashflow LLC; $100,594

3610 Vernier Dr: Axt Kevin D Jr to Norton Joann V; $130,000

3611 Ripplegrove Dr: Axt Kevin D & Jennifer L to Axt Kevin D Jr & Laura L; $190,000

4316 Courageous Cr: Tamura Makio to Ulmes Hunter; $165,000

4585 Dry Ridge Rd: Henggleler Charlene A @ 5 to Jay Sharon Kathleen Tr; $67,500

6576 Newbridge Dr: Borck Jamie to Boyle Casey A; $150,000

8760 Carrousel Park Cr: Schaefer Mary Ann to Mace Sonia; $140,000

9002 Palomar Dr: White Lauren M & Christopher Cavendish to Lang Adam & Mary; $184,500

9056 Coogan Dr: Appora Romain to Mz Management LLC; $90,000

9246 Coogan Dr: Seifert Alexis L to Spahr Kevin & Nichole; $183,500

9427 Chagrin Wy: Raj Properties LLC & Franklin Place Rental LLC to Jinks Shaquille; $329,700

9965 Pinedale Dr: Quarra Property Management Ll to Parish Clifford Amy C; $215,000

Compton Rd: Pfeiffer Enterprises Of Cincinnati LLC to Atkinson Geoffrey; $18,000

Livingston Rd: Hemberger Jacqueline & Richard to Hemberger Craig M & Amber L; $12,400

Prechtel Rd: Henggleler Charlene A @ 5 to Jay Sharon Kathleen Tr; $67,500

College Hill

1179 Atwood Ave: As Capital LLC to 242housing LLC; $154,000

1526 Marlowe Ave: Zoe Consutling & LLC to Walewski John J & Mary Elizabeth; $302,000

1625 Dixon Cr: Charlonald Holdings LLC to Angeline Austine Gabriel; $310,000

5662 Hamilton Ave: Real Equity Oh LLC to Doppalapudi Vamsi Krishna; $108,000

5927 Bellmeadows Dr: Ball Judith A to Price Tory S & Frances N Crawford; $37,323

6036 Hamilton Ave: Strasser Richard E & Cathleen P to Daugherty Claire & Daniel Freeman; $429,000

8080 Knollwood Ln: Hb1 Alternative Holdings LLC to Meeks Henry L; $111,000

Columbia Township

6512 Blue Ridge Ave: Mcguirk Patrick Hunter to Christian David A & Allison D Mays; $372,000

6922 Cambridge Ave: Muenchen Mark D & Amanda to Mcnalh Tara & John Mychal; $320,000

6932 Hurd Ave: Larose Kenneth & Colleen Treesh to Hall Maura; $330,000

Columbia Tusculum

577 Delta Ave: Dnj Holdings LLC to Joso LLC; $100,000

Deer Park

3783 St Johns Te: Hershberger Victoria to Abney Anderson J & Paige M; $210,000

4216 Hegner Ave: Riegel David C & Ming Xue to Davis Jacob Anthony; $252,000

Delhi Township

1022 Anderson Ferry Rd: Whipple Barbara Ann to Upsell LLC; $82,500

1066 Beechmeadow Ln: Doorvest Holdings I LLC to Venugopal Deepak & Devashree Shinde; $190,000

1249 Hickorylake Dr: Leugers Gregory M & Eileen J to Collins Cody L & Jessie L; $335,000

369 Don Ln: Schoenecker Paul A to Muccillo Antonio R; $120,505

373 Don Ln: Schoenecker Paul A to Muccillo Antonio R; $120,505

4482 Mayhew Ave: Shadwell Brent Charles to Bialevich Andrei A; $105,000

497 Welland Dr: Weller Brian to Runk Heather; $200,000

5165 Dundas Dr: Fiedeldey Daniel J to Fancote Brandon S; $110,000

5347 Carefree Ct: Craig Nicholas A to Craig Shannon; $129,000

6063 Greenside Dr: Drees Company The to Schwettmann John Michael &; $607,753

6064 Rapid Run Rd: Schroer Gregory E to Seal Jason; $349,000

636 Conina Dr: Hacker Raymond M Jr to Kane Melissa Lynn & Michael; $210,000

Heather Rdg: Robert C Rhein Interests Inc to The Drees Company; $82,250

Rapid Run Rd: Schroer Gregory E to Seal Jason; $349,000

East End

1201 Edgecliff Pl: Francis Katie & Julie to Kelley Michael P & Richard Oliver; $765,500

East Price Hill

1009 Fairbanks Ave: Potraffke Keith J Sr & Dorothy B to Stephens Tanya L; $20,000

3320 Glenway Ave: Preme Investments Group LLC to Glaum Chase & Mary Joy Ravago Glaum; $190,000

548 Mt Hope Ave: Moody Michael & Melissa to Mnm Property Investors Inc; $42,950

906 Seton Ave: Zhao Yue to Bassett Antonio; $220,000

East Walnut Hills

2200 Victory Pw: Baukol Laurie Anne to Schroeder Margaret; $170,000

East Westwood

2339 Iroll Ave: Sfr3-030 LLC to Sykras Properties LLC; $55,100

English Woods

2061 Baltimore Ave: North Fairmount Community Center to Hernandez Keren & Franklin Leiva; $7,000

2063 Baltimore Ave: North Fairmount Community Center to Hernandez Keren & Franklin Leiva; $7,000

2065 Baltimore Ave: North Fairmount Community Center to Hernandez Keren & Franklin Leiva; $7,000


2005 Dana Ave: Makarova Tatyana to Gordo Raymond; $126,000

3403 Wabash Ave: Bryant Raymond to Equity Trust Company; $115,000

3454 Greenlawn Ave: Vargas Shelby E to Taulbee Bryan; $240,000


3722 Moorhill Dr: Hertlein Thomas A & Dawn T to Estrada Jose Manuel & Susan Diaz; $275,000


3687 Arrow Point Dr: Kma Holdings LLC to Turner Traci A Tr; $267,603

3921 Germania Ave: Clifton Adam Drew to Luni Connor P & Patrick M Luni; $600,000

Forest Park

11666 Hinkley Dr: Brown Terry B to Agustin Maycol Mendoza; $200,000

732 Cascade Rd: Kobman Doug to Meader Richard Layne & Carole Patricia; $195,200

779 Colbert Cr: Ohlinger Richard D Tr to Magner Devin & Kyle Lynch; $171,000

826 Hargrove Wy: Snyder Randy E @3 to Snyder Terry R & Randy E; $33,433


157 Sharon Rd: Constable Howard A Tr & Jean E Tr to Nyman Danielle A @3; $425,000

Golf Manor

6119 Graceland Ave: Sfr3 050 LLC to Braker Christopher & Kristen; $171,000

Green Township

1890 Linneman Rd: Morenz Nicholas & Brittany to Rigdon Anna & Randy; $240,000

2420 Devils Backbone Rd: Mcmahon Marylynn to Cohen Olivia Alexandra & Richard Thomas Willis; $313,000

3153 Lancer Ln: Binford Anna L to Staudt John; $245,000

3330 Van Zandt Dr: Woo Steven Joseph to Liu Ying; $137,900

3485 Westport Ct: Dupont Jeffrey S to Kaf Relestate Ltd; $251,000

3706 Lakewood Dr: Lane Jandie to Scott Haley & Jacob Steinmetz; $135,000

4461 Homelawn Ave: Moore Susan M to Moore Ann M; $180,000

5292 Laurelridge Ln: Feldkamp Chadd J & Janis Co-tr to Feldkamp Ryan Brady; $412,500

5411 Edger Dr: Burns Jamour Daniell & Lacrea N to Ellery Beromie; $269,900

5875 Weston Ct: Schulte Brittany K to Johnson Marvin L & Joyce K Bennie; $175,000

5931 Childs Ave: Standriff Mary Ann to Heinrich Kyle & Christian Marie; $173,000

6200 Charity Dr: Pyles Theresa & Mary Hornsby to Pyles Theresa; $74,525


184 Ireland Ave: Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo 200188539 Ira to Johnston Chase; $235,000


1270 Cavanaugh Ln: Nvr Inc to Luther Kris D & Shelley T; $350,615

1272 Cavanaugh Ln: Nvr Inc to Hall William Martin & Edith Paulette; $358,395

1371 Springfield Dr: Nvr Inc to Izaguirre Oscar Alexander & Stacy; $424,815

1375 Acadia Ave: Feucht Amanda Nicole & Kyle Robert to Pollitt Gunner & Brandi Williams; $280,000

1501 Whitewater Trails Bv: Cgd Properties LLC to Trumble Scott E & Michelle Renee; $415,000

408 Vine St: Maxwell Barry & Kathleen M to Anderson Acquisitions LLC; $275,000

Harrison Township

8041 Dry Fork Rd: Hollis Charles E & Beth A to Combs Chester & Melissa; $264,000

Hyde Park

3510 Tarpis Ave: Martin-robinson LLC to Donaldson Wheatley Sharon & Martha; $180,000

3624 Shaw Ave: Devoe John Andrew & Susan W to Karkoska Kristine A & David J Robinson; $880,000

Indian Hill

8835 Spooky Hollow Rd: 8835 Spooky Hollow Properties LLC to Peters Bryan D & Kellee S; $4,750,000

Kennedy Heights

6619 Afton Ave: Juncos Rosanna E to Braun William; $290,500

6645 Iris Ave: Richardson Harriett to Pdp1 LLC; $96,000

Lincoln Heights

1243 Simmons Ave: Queen City Rental Properties Ltd to Prestige Investments LLC; $19,000


3740 Hutton St: Mccauley Steve & Tamara L to Sudberry Steve M; $195,200


315 Dunn St: Vititoe Anna L to Trj Realty LLC; $100,000

626 Maple St: Lowry Karen W Tr to Jaykumar Nishita; $50,000


120 Carrington Ln: R J & F Ltd to Shur Yiu Chung & Yuk Ching Law; $164,800

121 Whispering Knolls Ct: Stigers Rick to Richard D Durand Revocable Trust; $305,000

410 Carrington Ln: Miller Jeffrey L Tr to Avagyan Lena & Henrik Khachatryan; $185,000


7128 Mayfield Ave: Savelkoul Sarah & Brett to Catalino James Paul & Allison Kolish; $825,000

7332 Hosbrook Rd: Kuykendall Amy M & Thomas E Hale Jr to Petit Danielle M & Michael C Norton Smith; $980,000

7825 Dee St: Shapiro Michael H & Eileen C to Smullen Emily E & Kregg T Wright; $325,000


4730 Simpson Ave: Hillard Patricia to Bullock Natalie; $126,000

5217 Ravenna St: Dietz Alexander & Christopher to Majeed Irfan & Hibba Aziz; $200,000

6731 Palmetto St: Koehler Adam & Ashley to Canavan Joseph P; $215,000

Miami Township

3960 Matties Wy: Legendary Ridge Properties LLC to Annies Place At Legendary Ridge Subdivision; $1,190

3961 Matties Wy: Legendary Ridge Properties LLC to Annies Place At Legendary Ridge Subdivision; $1,190

7851 Buffalo Ridge Rd: Clements Shawn D to The King Of Mitchell LLC; $30,700

8200 Charlies Wy: Legendary Ridge Properties LLC to Annies Place At Legendary Ridge Subdivision; $1,190

Legendary Ridge Ln: Legendary Ridge Properties LLC to Legendary Ridge Community Association Inc; $15,270


2903 Moosewood Ct: Shakir Thabit to Kfj Realty Group LLC; $42,500


8817 Castleford Ln: Quickflipps LLC to Pike Devin & Elizabeth Zappia; $515,000

Mount Airy

2517 Airy Ct: Westmark Properties to Young Tinnie Jimmia; $195,000

2660 Hummingbird Ct: Best Way Real Estate LLC to Hale Felicia; $220,000

Mount Lookout

1311 Ault View Ave: Martin John N to Schroeder Bradley & Logan Berseth; $433,740

3015 Alpine Te: Miday Robert K & Karen to Sapanaro Matthew T & Emily R Crye; $865,600

476 Missouri Ave: Dedmon James M to Faul Lolla Angelique; $460,000

Mount Washington

2380 Kenlee Dr: Lindsey Brentley & Sauyer Lynn Lindsey to Woeltz Lauren E & David L; $380,000

5224 Salem Hills Ln: Kasselman Carol A to Cornell Jeffrey P & Monica L; $430,000


6743 Main St: The Fifth Third Bank Tr to Greve Barbara; $230,150

6747 Main St: The Fifth Third Bank Tr to Greve Barbara; $230,150

North Avondale

4041 Ledgewood Dr: Chernin Anne to Ambassador Capital LLC; $225,000

North College Hill

1544 Galbraith Rd: Carey Penny L to Smith Lois M & Glenn R; $28,000

1816 Cordova Ave: Tri State Homes LLC to Dovel Rachel K & Nat L Kutcher; $170,000

1934 Cordova Ave: Sfr3-000 LLC to Simon Moises Bernardo Ramirez &; $35,000

2070 Galbraith Rd: Shade Tree Investments LLC to Borton Auston P & Nicholas Andrew Evans; $219,000

6930 Kleindale Ave: Sfr3 040 LLC to Wilson D Victor; $147,000

7017 Ellen Ave: Voyles Co LLC to Napier Katrina; $190,000

7103 Clovernoll Dr: Wilson Meco & Donald to Nelson Brody; $155,250

8396 Carrol Ave: Morgan Janayia N & Shawne B Sr to Davis Brandon; $182,900


1826 Hanfield St: Lingo Homes LLC to Spooner Michael; $405,000

4365 Virginia Ave: Mccann Kelly A to Salinsky Jordan; $229,500


1801 Hopkins Ave: Buchanan Kyle L to Sullivan Meagan; $270,000

4555 Smith Rd: Crowder Juillerat Susan S to Pryor John; $20,000

4629 Montgomery Rd: Pike Street Inc to Vasquez Glademiro Emiliano Paz &; $350,000

5721 Carthage Ave: Henderson William H & Joyce D to Clear Vision Capital LLC; $75,000


3217 Bach Ave: Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo Eric Pescovitz Ira to Brookfield Lane LLC; $267,500

3846 Mt Vernon Ave: Grogean Scott to Robinson Chandler & Catherine Buck; $380,000


1126 Walnut St: Myers Alec Francis to Gibbs Dalton & Michelle Johnson; $174,000

1326 Vine St: Marien Alexis Ann to Yeboah Kwaku; $270,000

1504 Race St: Goldhoff George & Justina to Seiple Todd E & Morgan Heflin; $605,000

222 Mohawk St: 222mohawk LLC to Southern Ohio Holding Organization LLC; $500,000

226 Mohawk St: 222mohawk LLC to Southern Ohio Holding Organization LLC; $500,000


1308 Broadway: Emerson Jannette Simone to Pouliquen Sophie; $595,000

Pleasant Ridge

3318 Arrow Ave: Knutson David J to Sullivan Elizabeth E & Ryan T Munch; $450,000


1295 Georgia Ln: Reiter Fernando to Real Estate King Incorporated; $135,000

9301 Reading Rd: Ck Holding Company LLC to Dick Jason A; $310,000

9301 Reading Rd: Vonderhaar Donald A Sr & Daughters Ltd to Ck Holding Company LLC; $150,000


1538 Section Rd: Dsv Spv1 LLC to Gemini Investment Holdings LLC; $78,750

Sayler Park

6205 Hillside Ave: Wessel John T to Jeffery C Gries Revocable Trust; $124,900

6207 Hillside Ave: Wessel John T to Jeffery C Gries Revocable Trust; $124,900


3194 River Rd: We Said Yes to The Mess LLC to Bonilla Petra Perez; $25,500


10677 Plainfield Rd: Rp2ham LLC to Werneke Samuel; $252,500

South Fairmount

1655 Felton Ave: Gcg Properties LLC to Shelton John Joseph; $62,500

1657 Lionel Ave: Gcg Properties LLC to Shelton John Joseph; $62,500

1658 Felton Ave: Gcg Properties LLC to Shelton John Joseph; $62,500

1805 Forbus St: Byrd Jeffrey A to Wittylife Marketing LLC; $3,000

Spring Grove Village

4834 Winton Ridge Ln: Alterdoyle Properties LLC to Burnett Group LLC; $75,000


23 Boxwood Ct: Mccrone Michelle A to Knapp Mandy & Philip; $107,500

Springfield Township

10211 Leacrest Rd: Yonka Walter W Tr & Joyce Baum Tr to Mccarthy Logan C; $281,000

1117 Seymour Ave: Perez Mary K Desalvo & Luciano A to Gcg Properties LLC; $400,000

12140 Regency Run Ct: Ek Real Estate Fund I LLC to Campbell Katelynn; $110,000

1408 Forester Dr: Nelson John C & Sharon A to Sharma Keshab; $213,000

1802 Aspenhill Dr: Pemberton Marva @ 6 to Trin I Tee III Properties LLC; $6,000

224 Ridgeway Rd: Key Bryon to We Said Yes to The Mess LLC; $110,000

436 Tipton Ct: Amoah - Harris Abena & Anthony Harris to Queen City Rentals LLC; $240,000

742 Southmeadow Cr: Ellison Nellie to English Mari Celine & Robert R; $274,000

St. Bernard

322 Ross Ave: Blue Stream Group LLC to Hazelwood Homes LLC; $130,000

322 Ross Ave: Hilton Samuel J to Blue Stream Group LLC; $120,000

4900 Chalet Dr: Whalen Sandra Gumm & Bruce to Tayal Shalini Akhil; $60,000

5181 Broerman Ave: Hilton Samuel J Jr & Adrienne M to 5181 Broerman LLC; $140,000

605 Rose Hill Ave: Durso Investment LLC to Duckt0dd; $130,000

Sycamore Township

12136 Sixth Ave: Fulton Amanda M to Clark Lydia Marie &; $175,000

8000 Camner Ave: Rental Property Management 10 LLC to Krishna Kraft & Brent Daniel; $239,900

8079 Trotterstrail Ct: Schutter Beth to Knight Patrick & Laura; $915,000

8533 Wicklow Ave: Jjs Holdings LLC to Maloney Elizabeth V & Shane M Weingartner; $276,000

Symmes Township

11172 Loveland Trace Ct: Kacperski Joanne & Jeffrey M Damadeo to Hagee Kari & Daniel R; $620,000

11387 Enyart Rd: Ray Scott M & Katie M to Stercula Anthony; $442,500

Terrace Park

407 Amherst Ave: Miller Thomas Austin & Jesus Jose Suarez Jr to Reyering Mary Beth & James W Reyering; $435,000

West Price Hill

1037 Sunset Ave: Wright James K to Tesch Investments LLC; $83,700

2381 Oaktree Pl: Long Earnesteen to Lim Keeheng & Chanly Chhum; $335,000

4987 Western Hills Ave: Trimble Ronald W to Wiesman Alisa M & Brian M; $60,000

830 Harris Ave: Pratt Jared Ethan to Quiroga Edna Rocio & Christian Martin; $165,000


2200 Harrison Ave: Moore Robert to Wilks Michael T Jr; $15,000

2650 Harrison Ave: Eynden Richard Vanden to Brick By Brick Properties LLC; $85,830

2810 Montana Ave: Sfr3 020 to Morales Neftali Marco Tulio Ramirez &; $100,000

2833 Almester Dr: Seluchins Nancy Ann to Griffin Erica L; $135,000

2921 De Breck Ave: Solomon Donald W to Slg Foundation Authority LLC; $95,000

3121 Penrose Pl: Nastold Matthew J to Harris Ana Christine & Tyrone Harris Jr; $240,000

Whitewater Township

6910 Brooks Rd: Beckenhaupt Jarred to Gardner Jonathan J; $75,000


33 Mt Pleasant Ave: Berling Ken & Kara to Remington Meghan E; $628,000

Crescent Ave: Traditions Building Group LLC to Williams George Samuel Deforest &; $862,151


Information provided by Christine Charlson.


10193 Harlequin Court: Maronda Homes of Cincinnati, LLC to Elizabeth Smith and Jonathan Hunt; $462,000

132 S. Jefferson St.: Amber and Mark Phillips to Reynolds Investments, LLC; $55,000

527 Steffen Road: Jean LaCally to Robyn and Chris Cox; $210,000

7491 Devonshire Drive: Jeffrey Stone to Sydney Cantrell and Joseph Siegel; $193,000


2060 Birdie Court: Brookstone Homes, Inc. to Stacey and Craig Blevins; $570,500

2207 Teal Briar Lane, unit 103: Carolyn Litteral to Anita and John Pierce; $157,000

365 Keegan Court: Laura and Ben Kollmeier to Meghan and Albert Fedders; $260,000

5523 Carry Back Drive: Kimberly Lamblez to Jennifer and John Kerns Jr.; $275,000

6973 Bermuda Drive: Tabeatha and David Sheffel Jr. to Laura and Benjamin Kolkmeier; $299,000

Cold Spring

19 Springside Drive, unit 6D: Gerald Herninger to Connie and Jim Spaw; $218,000

5964 Quartz Valley Drive: Betty and Gregory Jackson to Eileen and David Goodwin; $475,000


111 E. 30th St.: Safeguard Management, LLC to Zachary Ferguson; $67,500

113 E. 12th St.: Sylvie Hundley to CDH Properties, LLC; $235,000

121 W. 32nd St.: Deborah and Thomas Noble to Connor Enzweiler; $175,000

1607 Euclid Ave.: Mirabilo Homes, LLC to Edward Wallace; $136,000

1733 Eastern Ave.: SBK Properties, LLC to Tyler Bellman and Jacob Hoferer; $123,000

1904 Scott Boulevard: Platinum Property Management, LLC to Emily Lewinski; $235,000

1917 Howell St.: Safeguard Management, LLC to Victoria Scott and Deonta Shields; $177,000

20 W. 32nd St.: Jeanne Clinkenbeard to Ethan Anderson; $196,500

2010 Greenup Ave.: Lionkat, LLC to Spencer Taylor; $115,000

2176 Siena Ave.: Patty Jenkins to Jeff Herold; $189,000

2223 Oakland Ave.: Chelsea Bedel to Mary Clevenger; $380,000

2549 Evergreen Drive: AS Capital, LLC to Joshua Pence; $220,000

3849 Circollo Drive: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Kerry Knight; $445,500

394 Earle Ave.: Deborah Guthrie to Good Faith Homes, LLC; $57,000

454 Elm St.: Dena and Andrew Harmon to Buy The Best Franchise, Inc.; $135,000

8421 Decoursey Pike: David Cain to Christine Williams and David Stickel; $80,000

902 Russell St.: Ryan Caldon to Desiree Campbell and Thomas Dalziel; $384,000

9140 Clear Brook Lane: Corianne and Nick Pulda to Kaitlyn and Alexander Rally; $213,500

917 Western Ave.: JSP Properties, LLC to Crystal and Oscar Luna; $53,000

Crescent Springs

865 Crossing Drive: Janice and Joseph Gormley to Jamie and Alexander Flynn; $480,000

2503 Crosshill Drive: Fischer Attached Homes III, LLC to Romeo Dumlao Jr.; $230,000

2511 Crosshill Drive: Fischer Attached Homes III, LLC to Lauren Newton and Joshua Schumacher; $297,500


14408 Edgantwon Way: Lindsey and Matthew Thompson to Jordan and Chad Ford; $82,000

15265 Carli Court: Andrea and Steven Brook to Stacie and Steve Buckman; $640,000


3063 Balsam Court: Verna and Robert Arrasmith to Mary and Jeff Bolger; $253,000


1213 Leslie Marie St.: Eric Lawson to Nicholas Hubler and Joseph Hubler; $173,500


3390 Cedar Tree Lane: Heather Sandborn to Performance Property Group, LLC; $95,000

3396 Cedar Tree Lane: Cierra and Alec Dalton to Morgan and Matt Kuhn; $186,000

3402 Treeside Court: The Drees Company to Hai Le and Hang Bui; $455,000

3423 Treeside Court: The Drees Company to Elizabeth Hughes; $758,500

3546 Turkeyfoot Road: Maria and John Peterson to Taylor and Nicholas Reams; $465,000

3781 Pondview Lane: Penelope and Anthony Kramer to Ronald Fogel; $530,000

3991 Brunswick Court: The Drees Company to Janice and Joseph Gormley; $442,500


1064 Larkspur Court: Cynthia and Frederick Hartman to Tafdzwa Nkomo; $168,500

2227 Jackson Court, unit 48-203: Yvonne Callahan and Richarad Callahan to Wayne Prescott; $181,500

2312 Wicket Court: David Morelock to Lauren and Derrick Lewis; $420,000

32 Sanders Drive: Jaclyn Beaty to Andrea Wilson; $85,000

36 Rio Grande Circle, unit 4: David Kaiser to Kathryn and Scott Smith; $130,000

37 Rio Grande Circle, unit 3: Carol and Patrick McGrath to STO Properties, LLC; $145,000

6652 Summerfield Drive: Kristin Iversen and George Vujouvich to Karen Eller; $175,500

7060 Running Fox Court: Kelly and Craig Lonkard to Kelsey and James Stewart; $375,000

Fort Mitchell

146 W. Maple Ave.: Troy Ashcraft to Stephany Theobald; $1,070,000

227 Highland Ave.: Lisa and Jack Graber to Phuc Pham; $126,000

Fort Thomas

2147 Memorial Parkway: Susan and Jeffrey Smith to Ryan North; $265,000

Fort Wright

1623 Cumberland Ave.: Catalina and David Snoke to Kelly Johnston; $342,000

535 Cloverfield Lane, unit 201, 556 Cloverfield Lane, unit 16: Chelsea Vaal to DMO Enterprises, LLC; $140,000


1600 Creekwood Court: The Drees Company to Helen and Patrick McGinn; $437,000

1661 Grandview Drive: The Drees Company to Mayra Stephenson and Luis Carlos; $850,000

1996 Silver Peak Drive: The Drees Company to Michelle and Timothy Setter; $826,500

2164 Ridgeline Drive: The Drees Company to Linda Landers; $566,000

2916 Limaburg Road: Stallion Investments, LLC to Darlene Carr; $88,000

Highland Heights

7 Highland Meadow Drive, unit 1: Anita Myers to Jill and Paul Sandburg; $152,000


10524 Elderberry Lane: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Stephanie and Rittenhouse; $374,500

10541 Pepperwood Drive: Michelle Anderson to Kimberly and Timothy Maddock; $343,000

10548 Elderberry Lane: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Renee and Alexander Henry; $307,000

10674 Blooming Court: Amy Phoenix to Leah and Jacob Ganshirt; $390,000

11910 Joseph E. Schmiade Road: The Juanita Arnold Revocable Living Trust to Patrick Collins; $250,000

1206 Gatewood Lane: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to Michelle Anderson and Lori Catalano; $484,000

3075 Alderbrook Drive: Arlinghaus Builders, LLC to McKenzie and Zachary Salyers; $363,000

3158 Bridlerun Drive: Cheryl and Thomas Stone to Duloc Elite Properties, LLC; $220,000

3580 Dorset Court: The Drees Company to Kelley Garvey and Taylor Hirth; $495,000

3987 Thomas Drive: Frances and Ronald Brown to Advanced Property Solutions, LLC; $61,500

777 Stonybrook Court: The Drees Company to Nichole and David Riggs II; $463,500

89 Roselawn Drive: Kimberly and Kevin Goldlick to Angela and Anthony Stewart; $270,000


301 Linden St.: Anna and Charles Crowley and Alexius Crowley and Hunter Huffman to Emily and David Dennis; $320,000

442 Oak St.: Allison and Justin White to Samantha Kleier and Andrew Bezold; $235,000

536 Linden St.: Emily and David Dennis to Christopher Welbers; $220,000


1020 Liberty St.: Man Hounshell Jr. to Steve Sparks; $40,000

19 15th St.: Brandy and Geraldo Ramundo to Ryan Kidd and Raymond Kidd; $279,500

315 Grandview Ave.: Paula Kidney and Andrea Janovic to Virginia and Donald Altevers; $126,000

607 Linden Ave.: Patricia Vories to Julie Fawcett; $350,000

838 Saratoga St.: Alexis Fox to TPM Capital, LLC; $72,500


5955 Chinquapin Hill Road: Jeffrey Jones to Dolores and James Carberry; $535,000


30 Woodland Hills Drive, unit 2: Chaweewan Landers to Ashley Caudill; $135,000

Taylor Mill

3207 High Ridge Drive: Teresa and Calvin Kaufman to Ciara and Timothy Grinstead; $500,000

5560 Pleasant Hill Road: Barbara and Richard Mann Jr. to Julie Smith; $299,000

812 Rockdale Court: Johnny Downing, Rodney Downing and Eric Downing to Jeremy Collins; $213,000


10422 Brookhurst Lane North: The Drees Company to Michelle and Mark Skelley; $750,000

1088 Baywater Drive: Patricia and Rickey Sparks to Chandra Khanal; $490,000

1098 Samuel Court: Shelly and Kenneth Lawson to Lisa Massie and Stephen Starkey; $402,000

12091 Jockey Club Drive: The Drees Company to Stefanie and Erik Richardson; $593,000

2031 Chris Court: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Alicia Doyle; $343,500

371 Ella Court: Jill Blancher and Joshua Blancher to Kyla and Donald Payton; $390,000

3735 Iberville Court: Zoe Cook and Keandre Jones to Breyana and Tyler Whittingham; $465,000

5105 Limerick Court: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Heaather and Brandon Pilcher; $281,500

9670 Capri Court: Jerri Oliver to Elyse and Michael Simpson; $350,000

Villa Hills

2642 Valley Trails Drive: Le La Ro Properties, LLC to Chris Cox; $303,500

2720 Valley Trails Drive: Elizabeth Mann to Kelley and Charles Spivey and Brayden Spivey; $225,000

2798 Shellbark Circle: Fischer Single Family Homes IV, LLC to Julie and David Durham; $728,000

906 Kenridge St.: Judith Brennan to Brandy and Andrew Broomall; $271,000


12316 Padgett Court: Lena Snyder to Jeannne and Aaron Roy; $322,000

This article originally appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: $1.1 million Fort Mitchell home sale among the week's top property transfers