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#1 Cochran Sports Showdown: May 9, 2021 (Pt. 3)

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Watch as Josh Yohe, Jeff Hathhorn, and Chris Adamski join KDKA-TV’s Bob Pompeani for another round of sound on this edition of the #1 Cochran Sports Showdown!

Video Transcript

BOB POMPEANI: All right, let's talk Steelers now. The draft is over. They're moving on to OTAs, even though they're virtual. Chris Adamski, start with you on this. After the draft, where do you see the Steelers right now, first, second, third, fourth? A lot of different opinions about where they are in this division.

CHRIS ADAMSKI: Yeah, I still-- I won't put them above the Ravens or Browns right now. They went through the draft. They pretty much had a checklist you saw them go down and filled all their needs that they had.

That being said, other than Najee Harris, I don't know if any of these players are for sure plug-and-play starters in 2021 that are going to help this 2021 team. So that being said, some people are writing them off saying they're old, slow, and done like Shannon Sharpe said a few years ago. I think they're still an 11-0 team last year. They still have-- at one point last year. They still have a dominant defense. We'll see if Kendrick Green can fill that hole at center. We'll see how the offensive line goes. They're better certainly at running back than they were. They'll certainly be a player in the division, but I'm not ready to sort of power rank them at this point above either Baltimore or Cleveland in the division.

JOSH YOHE: Yeah, I think most people would probably place them third right now, and that's fair, but I think these teams are really close. So when I look at the Ravens, who were, I think, the unanimous pick to win the division entering the 2020 season, I feel like they might be ready to take a step back. Lamar Jackson wasn't close to the player last season that he was during his breakout campaign. I feel like the league might be figuring him out a little bit, and they've also lost a good bit of talent in Baltimore.

So you've got that, and Cleveland is good, yes. We can acknowledge that. But they've never really had to handle success before, and I'm not willing to label them a Super Bowl contender just yet either. It's never struck me as the most mature franchise in the world.

So on paper those teams are probably better than the Steelers, but it's only a marginal thing, and the Steelers are kind of still, as they always are, I think, the X factor in the division. Let's see how Matt Canada changes things. Let's see if Ben is better two years removed from the surgery. Najee Harris could become a breakout star. I don't think that would shock anyone.

So I think these three teams are very comparable. I think they could all be playoff teams. But I also don't really feel like any of them is necessarily a Super Bowl contender.

JEFF HATHHORN: Yeah, I don't know if anyone separated themselves during this time. And I think to Josh's point, you know, it's one injury from one team taking a tumble and another one, you know, jumping, up in that three-team mix.

I just want to make sure I write down that Chris Adamski doesn't believe in Penn State tight end. I'm going to make sure and mark that down.


You know, I think they addressed some needs.

CHRIS ADAMSKI: Hey, I like Jesse James. Come on.

JEFF HATHHORN: Will it work? We'll find out in four months.

BOB POMPEANI: Yeah, we will, and that's what it's going to be. Bottom line is to me it still comes down to Ben Roethlisberger, and if he's better than he was in terms of the strength of his arm and going down the field, I think he still is the man who's going to make this offense either work or not, and I believe he can and will. So we'll talk about that, I'm sure, in the weeks ahead.

Next up, though, what is a no-hitter? We'll talk about that and baseball next right here on the "#1 Cochran Sports Showdown."