1 Dead, 1 Wounded In Shooting In Jurupa Valley; Probe Underway

At least one person died while another was injured in a shooting in the Inland Empire, authorities said. Joy Benedict reports.

Video Transcript

AMY JOHNSON: At home, sheriff's deputies are at the scene of a deadly shooting in the Inland Empire. It happened on Athena and Newcastle Street in Jurupa Valley. KCAL 9's Joy Benedict is live at the scene. And Joy, I know that this story just keeps changing.

Originally, we were hearing three people may have been shot. Now, not so sure.

JOY BENEDICT: We aren't sure. And we're just not getting a lot of information right now from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. But we do know at least two people were shot. There possibly was a third person shot who may have left on their own.

But nonetheless, you can see the scene here behind me as this is still an active investigation by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department as they've been here all night, trying to put those pieces together. And then possibly give us a little bit more information when they feel like they can release it. But take a look at this video from late last night as all of this happened just after 10:00 in the evening.

That's when investigators first got the call of an assault with a deadly weapon. When they arrived, we are told that one person was taken to the hospital. Their condition is unknown. A second person, unfortunately, did not survive their injuries and was declared dead here on the scene.

And we heard initial reports that there was a third victim who was shot in this case, but it's not clear if they left on their own or ended up at a hospital or what that situation was. And we're not getting a lot of information right now about what may have prompted this shooting. Obviously, one of the first questions that we tried to figure out is, did the people who were shot know their attacker or was this some random act of violence here in this community? We are still trying to get answers when it comes to that.

But certainly, a very sad situation any time you have a shooting like this, especially when it ends up with one person losing their life. But it's a story will continue to follow here throughout the morning. I'll send it back to you, Amy.

AMY JOHNSON: All right, Joy, thank you.