1 dead, 2 injured in Bucks County fire

One person has died and another remains hospitalized after a fire in Bucks County.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news just coming in about a fire in Bucks County that broke out just about an hour ago. The action cam is live on the scene. This is the 700 Block of Plum Street in Southampton. We know that one person and occupant was pronounced dead and that a firefighter was injured. It looks like they have things under control, and it looks like that might have been where the fire was the most severe in that upper story window or that upper bedroom perhaps. One person was trapped and had to be rescued and taken to the hospital. The other occupant was pronounced dead at the scene. The firefighter who suffered an injury was a minor injury. That was treated at the scene, but crews remain on the scene of this fatal fire in Southampton, Bucks County.