1 Dead, 4 Critically Injured In Shooting At Business In Bryan, Texas

An active manhunt is underway after a shooting that left one person dead and four others injured at a business in Bryan, Texas, Thursday afternoon, authorities say.

Video Transcript

- I want to stay on top of the breaking news out of Bryan College Station in the area there. Police are looking for a gunman after a shooting inside a cabinet business. This is in the general Bryan area. Within the last few minutes, we did get an update from the Bryan police chief on the victims, and I want to share.

One person, we are told, is dead. Four victims have been taken to an area hospital. All four have gunshot wounds. To my best understanding, a fifth person transported because of an asthma attack, apparently. So once again, an active scene, the Bryan area. We'll continue to follow any new developments, but we just got that information so I wanted to share that with you immediately.