1 dead, 4 wounded in downtown San Diego shooting

One person was killed, and four others were wounded in a shooting in San Diego's busy downtown Gaslamp Quarter. Police say the 32-year-old suspect was arrested and hospitalized after being tackled by bystanders. (April 23)

Video Transcript

- Yeah, he's shot, but I got him.



SARAH MILLER: So we were outside, waiting to get into Marley Mash in line because of COVID, and you start hearing the gunshots. And then across the street, you just see hundreds-- well, it seemed like hundreds, but quite a lot of people just running for their lives around the corner. And everybody just started running, and then the security of Marley Mash opened their doors and just was like, everybody get in. Everybody get in. So they were awesome about that, about protecting everybody and getting everybody inside safely.