1 dead, 4 wounded in Houston-area shooting believed to involve an AK-47, officials say: ‘Over 50 shots fired’

One person died and four were wounded early Sunday in a Houston-area shooting believed to involve an AK-47 assault rifle, officials said.

Multiple people appeared to get out of a vehicle and open fire toward patrons outside the Lounge 33 nightclub in Harris County around 2 a.m. local time, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said, citing a preliminary investigation.

“It looks like over 50 shots were fired here, which is a very scary situation considering there’s a mobile food truck here and, again, the number of patrons that were outside,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said at a news conference.

Two men and three women were wounded in the shooting, according to Gonzalez. One of the males died, while the four surviving victims were hospitalized, he said. None have been publicly identified.

“It appears at least one AK-47 was utilized, so it’s pretty potent stuff that we’re seeing out here on the streets,” Gonzalez said.

Officials haven’t announced any arrests and ask witnesses with information to come forward to investigators. Many witnesses left the scene after the shooting, the sheriff said.

“If the information is correct that somebody exited from a vehicle and began opening fire, then that’s probably a good indicator that they were coming with purpose and maybe it was targeted at somebody,” Gonzalez said. “Maybe there was some type of beef before inside the club that later spilled out, but at this point we don’t know that.”