1 Dead, 6 Injured Following NW Miami-Dade Hit-&-Run Crash

CBS4's Joan Murray has more on the case.

Video Transcript

ELLIOT RODRIGUEZ: New details in a hit and run crash that killed one person and injured several others. Tonight, new light could be shed on what happened in Northwest Miami-Dade early this morning. It shut down traffic in the area for hours. Now, police say they need your help to find the driver who walked away from the scene. CBS 4's Joan Murray joins us live outside Jackson Memorial Hospital to fill us in with the details, Joan.

JOAN MURRAY: Well Elliot, seven young men were in that van that was totaled. Five were brought here to the hospital, one did not survive. And tonight we're learning more about that young man. A car shop camera capturing the violent early morning crash, Northwest 119th Street at 22nd Avenue, as a fully packed Toyota Sienna minivan is rear ended. The driver of the red Charger slammed into the back, and police say, after the collision, that driver ran away.

ALVARO ZABALETA: Such a great impact that all seven individuals, they were all in their early 20s, males in their early 20s, were transported to area hospitals. Two went to North Shore, and the other five went to Ryder Trauma Center. Unfortunately, one of them, which is the right rear passenger, succumbed to his injuries at Ryder Trauma Center.

JOAN MURRAY: The passenger who died, according to a GoFundMe post is Chris Lopez. A friend trying to help with funeral expenses says, some of you may have known Chris in school as a competitive debate student or as a goofball that we all knew and loved, but outside of that, he was so much more. He was kind, compassionate, always sought out to help others before himself, and most importantly, he was a good friend. Miami-Dade Police are now trying to identify the driver of the Charger that killed Lopez.

ALVARO ZABALETA: We're asking the community of anybody that was in the area still sort of early at 12:30 at night. There still could have been anybody that heard something, saw something. We're urging them to contact Crime Stoppers at area code 305-471-TIPS.

JOAN MURRAY: And we understand from police that the six others injured in this wreck are in stable condition. They are expected to recover again. If you know anything about that crash, the driver of that Charger, call Crime Stoppers. You do not have to give your name, and you could qualify for a reward, 305-471-TIPS. In Miami tonight, Joan Murray, "CBS 4 News".

ELLIOT RODRIGUEZ: Joan, thanks a lot.