1 dead After Officer Involved Shooting At Mesquite Apartments

1 dead After Officer Involved Shooting At Mesquite Apartments

Video Transcript

- We're going to go back to that breaking news from Mesquite where there's been an officer involved shooting. They're giving a news conference right now. Let's listen in.

- Received a 911 call. In the call, we heard, in the background, we could hear screaming, and it sounded like somebody being assaulted. The call was ultimately disconnected, but our dispatchers were able to trace the number back by prior calls and locate an address.

Officers were dispatched to this address here at the Audubon Park Apartments, at which time there was some type of confrontation, and our officers used force, and used force and-- sorry. At that time, they used force, and they fired their weapons, and the suspect was struck. The officers attempted to do life saving techniques, the ambulance was dispatched, at which point they took over for life saving techniques, transported the suspect to the hospital, where ultimately he was pronounced deceased.

An ambulance was also called for the victim, but she refused transport and was released after she was checked out by the ambulance.

- Can you tell us about the officers?

- So it's one male officer, and one female officer, and both of them--

- OK, and we've learned that the suspect in this case has died, but we will continue to follow this and have more coming up in our later newscast.