1 killed, 2 critically injured in Fresno County shooting

Officials say 19-year-old Jose Mendez Varela was killed during Thursday morning's carnage.

Video Transcript

GRACIELA MORENO: Deputies are investigating the early morning shooting of three people in Fresno County.

VANESSA VASCONCELOS: It happened just east of Coalinga. Action News Reporter Corin Hoggard is live at the scene with what we're learning this midday. Corin.

CORIN HOGGARD: And Vanessa, the detectives are keeping a lot close to the vest right now, so they're not releasing a lot of details. But what we do know is that there were about 12 or more people working in that vineyard back here, behind us, off of Butte and Chandler, just about seven miles away from Harris Ranch here. Now, detectives say the call came in at about 7:30, that there were several people who had been hit by gunfire.

It turns out three people were injured, one of them died here, two others were shot multiple times and they were taken away by helicopter to Community Regional Medical Center, where they're undergoing treatment right now. They're in critical condition. Now, all of the people who were involved here were workers at this vineyard right here.

The two suspects, the three victims all worked here. At least seven others witnessed, out here, what happened. And detectives are out here interviewing those people now. They say it could take all day. They're also trying to track down those two suspects, although they're not releasing a lot of details about the two men, how they got away, whether they were being chased when they left here.

But they're trying to track them down and bring this to a resolution. And they're hoping that the two people survive, so they can get witness interviews from them as well. This is a developing situation. We'll keep updating you throughout the day on Action News, and on abc30.com, and on our social media. For now, we're live in Western Fresno County, Corin Hoggard, ABC 30 Action News.