1 killed, 4 hurt in River Grove party bus shooting: police

One person has reportedly died and four others were injured in a River Grove shooting on a party bus early Saturday morning.

Video Transcript

EVELYN HOLMES: Well, Mark, we're here in Franklin Park. Franklin Park police have this area pretty much secured. They're not talking about their investigation as of yet. Things are in the preliminary stages. But here is what we know.

There was a shooting behind me. You see this party bus here in the 3300 block of North River Road. Now, what we are told is around 12:30 there were calls for help after apparently shots rang out on what appears to be a party bus. That attack left one man dead, we're told, and four others wounded.

We don't know what the circumstances were for the party or exactly what caused the shots to be fired. What police are doing now is they are here on the scene, obviously, trying to determine basic information about what occurred here. So we don't know if the gunman is in custody or not. We don't know if anyone is in custody or even arrested at this point.

But we do know that those four individuals who were wounded were taken to area hospitals. We were told by police that the individual who died as a result of the attack has-- possibly is a man. We don't know any more about him-- age or where he was from. We're still trying to get information about exactly where this bus originated from, where they were going, and also what precipitated the attack. This as Franklin Park police continue to investigate, trying to button down this area and figure out exactly what happened.