At least 4 hurt in River Grove party bus shooting: police

At least four people were injured in a River Grove shooting on a party bus early Saturday morning.

Video Transcript

EVELYN HOLMES: Well, Stacey and Mark, the situation is changing very, very quickly. We're getting some updated information about what happened with this situation now. One of the investigators on the scene has just told us that this shooting happened, actually, in River Grove, which is about, oh, I'd say two blocks from where I'm actually standing.

The driver of the bus then drove down River Road to where he is in this 3300 block of River Road and stopped where he felt safe. That actually is in Franklin Park. So the initial incident happened in River Grove.

Now, this happened around 12:30. Investigators still trying to figure out, and we're still trying to get confirmation if someone actually on the bus opened fire or if someone opened fire on the bus in a passing vehicle. So they're still trying to suss that out as well.

We are told initially by investigators that one person was dead. Now, we're still trying to confirm that again, since the other situation and the circumstances have changed. What we do know is that at least four people were wounded. And they were taken to area hospitals. So a very fluid situation here, as we stand in Franklin Park blocks from River Grove, where apparently, folks were wounded on this particular party bus that was traveling out here in the northwest suburbs. Of course, we'll have an update for you as soon as we get more information. We'll pass it along right to you.