1 killed, 4 injured in wrong-way crash on Westpark Tollway

The inbound lanes of the Westpark Tollway are closed after a deadly crash believed to be caused by a "highly intoxicated" wrong-way driver.

Video Transcript

- Yeah, good morning, Samica. The car, one of the two cars involved in this wrong way crash right behind me. Investigators surrounding it right.

Now, that silver Infinity, that's the only one we can see. We know the other car involved is somewhere off the road in the grassy area. Again, one person killed in this wrong-way crash, three others hurt.

We're waiting from Sean Teare with the Harris County District attorney's office who is out here oftentimes when there is a deadly crash. He is on scene. We're waiting for an update from him. We have no information about any of the victims, any of the people involved at this point.

I did get a chance to listen to some police radio traffic, some calls for help. And we know right now they're trying to figure out exactly how long this driver could have been going the wrong way down Westpark Tollway.

They're looking for any 911 calls trying to figure out if anyone called in panicked about this driver. Again, the end result, one person is dead, three critically hurt. We will keep you posted as soon as we get more information. For now, inbound lanes of the Westpark Tollway all shut down. We'll send it back to you.