1 killed in Fresno after gunman fires multiple rounds at car

24-year-old Isaac Jackson, who was a passenger, and the driver, were inside the car when someone fired multiple rounds at them, police say. Jackson died at the scene.

Video Transcript

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- And that breaking news finds us in Central Fresno. One man is dead after shots were fired into the car he was inside of, and police have connected a second shooting about two miles away to this homicide.

- Action News reporter Gilbert Magallon joins us now live from Divisadero near Highway 41 to break down the two scenes, Gilbert.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Well, Jason, Vanessa, what we know so far is that the victim is a 26-year-old man and police still searching for the suspect or gunman rather involved in all of this. Still a very active scene and very active investigation here at Divisadero in highway 41. As you mentioned, two scenes right now. The one we're at is where the victim died. Another is where the shooting that injured him happened.

Now, all of this happened a couple miles away from here at Inyo Baker avenues just after 2:00 this afternoon. Officers say two men were sitting inside of a vehicle in front of an apartment complex when at least 10 rounds were fired at them. A 26-year-old victim in the passenger seat was struck by the gunfire. The driver tried rushing him to the hospital but only made it to Divisadero and 41. There, they tried to get help from officers.

MARK HUDSON: When officers arrived in this area, they were flagged down by a driver and his passenger. The passenger had been struck by that gunfire. He was trying to get him to the hospital. The officers at the scene performed CPR, but were unable to rescue him. And he's now been pronounced deceased here at the scene.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Officers say the complex, the two men were in front of was also hit, but no one else was hurt. Detectives are working to determine a motive behind the shooting. They're also still searching for the gunman. This death marks the 30th murder in Fresno so far this year. Now back out here live, officers say that this portion of Divisadero is going to be closed for several more hours. And they're asking people to find alternate routes. For now, in Central Fresno, Gilbert Magallon, ABC 30 Action News.