1-year-old and 2-year-old found ‘hogtied,’ abused and caged in Texas, police say

After a toddler was found tied up and another caged in a San Antonio home on Jan. 9, a woman who was entrusted to care for them has been arrested, police said.

Police performed a welfare check at the home on Sunday, Jan. 9, after a concerned witness called, William McManus, San Antonio’s police chief, said in a Jan. 11 news conference.

Inside, officers found a 1-year-old girl “hogtied” with her hands and feet bound together. She also had a black eye and bloody lip, the police chief said.

A 2-year-old boy was found in a covered playpen similar to a cage, McManus said. Both kids were ”heavily soiled” and were crying before being turned over to Child Protective Services.

Priscilla Salias, their temporary guardian, has been arrested on two child endangerment charges.

McManus said the children were taken away from biological parents.

“Child endangerment carries a maximum sentence of two years, but I’ll tell you I — what she did to these children is, I mean, it’s unforgivable,” McManus said. “Two years seems like nothing compared to what she did to these children.”

CPS confirmed to KENS 5 that a joint investigation is underway.

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