1 Person Injured After Building Collapse In East Baltimore Friday, Officials Say

One woman was injured after a building collapse in East Baltimore Friday morning.

Video Transcript

VIC CARTER: OK. Thank you, Bob. Well could those winds from today be the cause of a building collapse in East Baltimore? Scary moments this morning when bricks fell onto a busy road and into a car driving by, , sending one person to the hospital. WJZ's live tonight with Ava-joye Burnett with more on that person's condition and an exclusive interview with the owner of the property. Ava-joye.

AVA-JOYE BURNETT: Vic, good evening. Imagine driving down the roadway when you feel an impact and you look to find out that it was an actual building that fell on top of your car and the side of your vehicle. That's what happened earlier today here along Greenmount Avenue. The roadway is back open but you see that pile of bricks right there. Much of that was scattered into the roadway. Officials told us earlier today, this could have been so much worse.

An empty appliance store Pitman Place in East Baltimore collapsed Friday morning

CARLOS ABARCA: And all of a sudden, I felt the impact.

AVA-JOYE BURNETT: Carlos Abarca was driving by on Greenmount. The force of the falling building crushed the side of his car where his girlfriend was sitting. They had to send her to the hospital.

CARLOS ABARCA: I couldn't stop it, but I hit the brakes, but it didn't matter. It just kept on going.

AVA-JOYE BURNETT: The collapse happened just before 10:00 and the winds were already fierce.

ROMAN CLARK: And we say that the wind contributed to this. We don't know at this point

AVA-JOYE BURNETT: WJZ had an exclusive interview with the developer. He said he just asked the previous occupants to vacate the premises in January because of this very safety concern. And that's why the building was empty.

CHARLIE JONES: Yes, we made sure we took all precautions and that's why we talked to Heavenly Blessings about taking all their items out and making sure that no one was in the building operating.

AVA-JOYE BURNETT: Baltimore has a tragic history of deadly building collapses. In 2014, a little boy died after a row home caught on fire and the building partially collapsed on him. In 2016 a man sitting in his Cadillac died after a building collapsed in West Baltimore. As officers remove this car from today's scene, the huge chunk of break in Abarca's back seat is a reminder. This could have been worse.

CARLOS ABARCA: I don't know what to say here but I know one thing. That came down fast.

AVA-JOYE BURNETT: That woman who has taken to the hospital. She has been released and we want to give you an idea of the force of the bricks that fell onto their vehicle. It was powerful enough to deploy those airbags Live tonight at 6:00, Ava-joye Burnett for WJZ.