10 arrested in string of Houston robberies in affluent areas

The League City man died of gunshot wounds after police believe he and his wife were followed home from dinner 40 miles away.

Video Transcript

- This is scary. Plenty of hard working people come to this area to eat shop and enjoy themselves. They are thinking about crazy criminals staking them out, and waiting for their opportunity to strike. But that's exactly what's happening in the Galleria area and Midwest part of town.

Check out this surveillance video. An unsuspecting man is standing in front of a hotel in West Alabama when boom, armed men jump out of an SUV and rob him of his belongings. One even has a long gun.

- It's a little bit terrifying for sure.

- Houston Police Department just arrested 10 people responsible for recent crimes just like that. We're told the robbery rings are made up of gang members with violent records. Their Mo is the same each time they follow someone.

- And they're identifying their targets differently. They're looking at luxury rides, exotic cars in conjunction with flashy expensive jewelry, and a high end shopping districts and expensive restaurants.

- HPD teamed up with newly formed ATF crime guns strike force to make their bust. The 65 members or a combo of detectives, officers, deputies, and agents at the local and federal level. They're working with the US attorney's office and district attorney's office to revoke bonds and make sure the suspects aren't put right back onto the street.

- With the arrest, you know you can see some people getting off the streets and hopefully that will also serve as a reference to these people who are still doing it. Like hey, the cops are out there and they're actually trying to put these people behind bars.

- The rise in Houston crime concerns us all, but HPD chief Troy Finner says they're working hard each day to target the dangerous criminal. His a message to them, "we're coming to get you."

- And you think it's you preying on our citizens in Houston, and you think you're just going to get away with it. We have task force units and crime suppression units marked and unmarked all over our city right now.

- The time to be alert is now. HPD says some crews are still running the streets and haven't been caught yet.