10 of the Best Gifts for Soccer Fans

Photo:  Stock-Asso (Shutterstock)
Photo: Stock-Asso (Shutterstock)

Soccer is a game of passion and loyalty. Therefore, when suggesting gift ideas for the soccer enthusiast in your life, I will refrain from recommending any that are specific to a particular team or player (that’s not the sort of thing you want to get wrong, and I’m not about to set you up for failure). However, some of the gifts here can be personalized to your loved one’s preferred team or player—and if this person is important enough to you to be on your gift list, and they are a true soccer fan, you probably already know what team they support, so you’re off to a good start.

Keep in mind that this list is for fans, not players—but we’ve got a separate list of  the best gifts for soccer players, too.

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Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond Apparel

Photo:  Warner Brother’s shop
Photo: Warner Brother’s shop

Regardless of what player or team soccer fans support, everyone loves Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond. The Apple TV show has been a hit with soccer fans and even people who are clueless about the sport, just like Ted Lasso himself. The show is about an American football coach who takes up the feat of coaching a soccer team in England without knowing the first thing about soccer. Warner Brother’s official online store sells authentic Ted Lasso merchandise, including Ted’s iconic V-neck sweater and AFC Richmond’s official jersey (which is, unfortunately, just a made-up team for the show).

Foosball table

Photo:  Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Foosball is fun, but the problem is the tables are usually too expensive or take too much space. But neither is much of a problem with this one. The table measures just four feet in height and is $145 at the moment. If your loved one has some space in their room or garage, this might be appreciated.

Soccer clubs of Europe poster

Image:  Amazon
Image: Amazon

If the soccer fanatic in your life loves European soccer (and most do), this map is surely going to keep them entertained. The cartographic poster maps out more than 1,000 European clubs in their geographic location by showing their official team crest. The poster is printed on high-quality cover stock paper with high resolution to be able to see all the teams. It also comes in a standard 36" by 24" for easy framing.

Biñho board game

Photo:  Binho Board
Photo: Binho Board

The Binho board game is a fun new way to play soccer that has been trending across social media and in sport bars. You can think of it as the modern foosball that is more “hands on” (pun intended) and can be easily taken with you to a friend’s house or a bar. To see how the game is played, watch the video below.

Binho 2.0: New Rules and Gameplay Updates

2022 World Cup classic beer glass

Photo:  Hausweet ((Other)
Photo: Hausweet ((Other)

If your loved one is a fan of beer, as well, the World Cup beer glass will be their favorite go-to glass to drink from while watching soccer games. The glass is 7.7 inches in height, holds 9.5 fluid ounces, and is made of borosilicate glass. This is the best-looking glass replica of the actual World Cup I have found online and comes with a price tag of about $18.

FIFA World Cup replica trophy

Photo:  Soccer Wearhouse ((Other)
Photo: Soccer Wearhouse ((Other)

If drinking beer is not your loved one’s thing, worry not, because I have something arguably better: an actual World Cup replica trophy with the official size measurements. Let your loved one bask in glory as they show it off on their bookcase—since it’ll very likely be the closest they ever get to an actual World Cup trophy. If you do get this for them, remember the next World Cup is coming to Canada, the U.S., and Mexico in 2026, and taking the trophy to the games can only bring fortune to the match.

Sphero educational game

Photo:  Amazon
Photo: Amazon

If you have a young soccer fan at home, this educational game introduces kids to the world of code in a fun way. The goal of the game is to score by dodging obstacles and other challenges. The soccer ball is controlled through the game app with motion controls, and some challenges use the fundamentals of coding, so they’ll be learning hands-on without even realizing it. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Introducing Sphero Mini Soccer

Retro jerseys

Photo:  ClassicFootballShirts (Other)
Photo: ClassicFootballShirts (Other)

If your loved one is feeling a little nostalgic, retro jerseys are a great way to the relive the glory days. There are stores and websites dedicated to collecting old jerseys to resell them at a later time when they become coveted again. This is when it becomes crucial to know what club or national team they support, or even who their favorite player is. It’s a safe bet if your loved one is a fanatic of the team they support, they’ll know and appreciate the retro jersey and not expect it since they are hard to find.

Vintage-inspired jerseys

Photo:  Football Town (Fair Use)
Photo: Football Town (Fair Use)

Football Town makes football-inspired, vintage-looking streetwear for soccer fans. These shirts, sweaters, and hoodies are available for big clubs and international teams. Unlike jerseys, these are made purely from cotton, so they’re not made for playing, but their designs are unique and eye-catching.

Trip to Europe to watch El Clasico

Photo:  ElClasicoTrips.com
Photo: ElClasicoTrips.com

If you’re a soccer fan, you can appreciate a good match. El Clásico is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) rivalries in European soccer from two of the biggest teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona. If you have some money to splash (about $3,500), this would be the ultimate soccer experience for your loved one, especially if they are a Real Madrid or Barcelona fan. The trip includes a ticket to the game, flights, lodging, tours of Spain, breakfast, and other things.

Keep in mind that there are similar trips for most soccer teams, if they are big enough. If you like the idea but your loved one supports a different team, simply Google “(team name) + fan trip package.” You are very likely to find something more fitting for them.

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