10 cases to protect your new Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+

Maren Estrada

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are finally official, and they are awesome. They’re also insanely expensive, with prices starting at $950 and climbing to more than $1,300. These phones are good enough that they warrant the expense since they’re powerful enough that they can easily last for years. Of course, there’s no way your phone is going to last for years if you smash it.

You’re just plain crazy if you plan to buy a new Galaxy Note 10 series phone and not use a protective case. The glass front and back are very fragile, and adding curved edges makes them even more expensive to replace. Lucky for you, we dug through dozens upon dozens of protective cases to find the best options out there right now. The Galaxy Note 10 cases listed below start at just $8 and the Galaxy Note 10+ cases start at $9.99, so you have absolutely no excuse to leave your phone unprotected. Check them all out below.

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