Did your favorite restaurant get shut down? Subway, country club on Miami-area filth list

Rodents dominate this week’s list of troubled restaurants, with inspectors finding “rodent nesting materials” in two businesses, several dead rodents in one and a rat trap in a Subway.

So, let’s get to the Sick and Shut Down list of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach restaurants that were closed last week after failing state inspections. Remember, we don’t do the inspections, choose the restaurants or file complaints with the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation. We just report the results.

In alphabetical order:

Delray Dunes Country Club, 12005 Dunes Rd., Palm Beach County: Routine inspection, eight total violations, four High Priority violations.

Whatever the cost of Delray Dunes Country Club membership, roaches got the six-legged discount.

Five roaches lived “inside of peeling paint on the all under the dish dropoff board” in the kitchen ware washing area. One was climbing a ware washing area wall. Three dead roaches were under the three-compartment sink. Another was under the ware washing machine. Another died in a roach trip on a wall.

Clearly, the ware washing area could use a little extermination, but the “pesticide-emitting strip present in food prep area” was in the ware washing area.

Also, “the soda gun/holster was soiled at the outside bar.”

The inspector came back for a same day re-inspection to get the country club restaurant back open quickly, but the roaches wouldn’t cooperate. A dead roach in a hole in the ware washing area wall, a live roach in a hole on that wall and a live roach on that wall, killed the re-inspection.

The club restaurant passed the second re-inspection, third inspection overall, the next day.

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The Golden Pacco Restaurant and Bakery, 401 SW Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Belle Glade: Routine inspection, 10 total violations, six High Priority violations.

Walk in and there’s “15 rodent droppings ... underneath the front counter glass display case next to the steam table.” If that, for some reason, sends you scurrying to the restroom, there were “approximately six rodent droppings observed on the floor in the bathroom, in various corners.”

A dead roach lay behind a juice cooler.

“Microwave heavily soiled.” How heavily? The inspector actually noted that he “advised the operator to clean (it).”

Meanwhile, too-warm milk sat inside the reach-in cooler. It wasn’t intended to be warm at all, but measured 50 degrees. It needed to be under 41 degrees after days in the cooler for safe keeping and serving. Out went the milk, diced tomatoes from another uncool reach-in cooler, and fried dumplings that were 10 degrees too cool in hot holding.

The re-inspection went well, other than the eight pieces of rodent regularity in various corners of the bathroom. At least they confined it to the proper room.

When the inspector returned the next day, either the rodents got constipated or the staff swept the corners because The Golden Pacco passed re-inspection.

Griot Tropical, 1186 NW 103 St., North Miami-Dade: Routine inspection, 37 total violations, seven High Priority violations.

The women’s restroom had two dead roaches. Another two were on the floor of the “entertainment room.” Five made it up to the kitchen light cover, where they breathed their last.

If there’s a crunch to your oven-cooked dish, well, the inspector did count over 25 live roaches in the oven. More than nine were under the steam table. Five moved behind the stove. Over six came “crawling out of a reach-in freezer structure at the front bar.”

And lest you think only rodents leave excrement, the inspector counted over 25 pieces of roach poop behind dining area sofas and more than 20 under a steam table and reach-in cooler.

A Virgin Island saying goes “a new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows the corners,” but apparently no brooms in this joint sweep or know anything about under the reach-in cooler by the kitchen door. That’s where the inspector counted 10 dead mice.

Before they passed on, they and their survivors left over 15 pieces of rodent poop under the steam table, behind dining area sofas and next to the reach-in cooler by the kitchen door with the mass rodent casualty incident.

The inspection also observed rodent nesting materials underneath the oven door in the kitchen

In addition to the live roaches in the oven, the inspector saw an “accumulation of grease and old debris...”

Gaps under both back doors, the one to the kitchen and the one to the dining area, gave rodents a free pass inside. There’s also holes in the kitchen walls.

Once inside, the mice don’t have to jump to reach a bag of onions or plastic gallons of cooking oil, all of which were on the kitchen floor. Cooked pork in a pot sat without a cover in the reach-in freezer. That pork got hit with a Stop Sale.

If you don’t like spiders and snakes, you were good on the snake side, but the inspector saw three spiders.

“Employees started working without washing their hands.”

The hot water at the three-compartment sink didn’t get hot enough, nor did the water at any handwash sink.

That all occurred on Feb. 1. By Monday’s re-inspection, Griot Tropical had been closed four days. The gaps remained in the doors.

“Employees started working without washing their hands” again, but there was “No food activity on the site at the time of the inspection.”

Ichimi, 118 Buena Vista Blvd., Miami: Routine inspection, 25 total violations, five High Priority violations.

You might not be able to afford moving into Miami’s Midtown area, but Ichimi’s rodents certainly did, according to a Feb. 1 inspection with an 80-rodent dropping count and a re-inspection with a count of 65.

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The ramen noodle joint passed a third inspection.

JoJo’s Take-Out, 1700 45th St., West Palm Beach: Routine inspection, six total violations, one High Priority violation.

About a year and a half ago, JoJo’s racked up a hat trick of inspection failures on the strength of pooping rodents and backed up floor drains in the kitchen.

Give JoJo’s staff credit for learning how to do more (five inspection fails) with less (six first inspection violations, less than half the 13 first inspection violations in August 2022).

“Food-contact surface soiled with food debris, mold-like substance or slime. Slicer blade soiled.”

They didn’t have a probe thermometer to make sure they cooked the food through to safety.

As for the roaches, they weren’t bothered by the soiled slicer blade. Four found that blade quite attractive. Three were under a prep table. One was crawling on the dining room floor. Another four were in out-of-use oven.

Two dead roaches were found on the floor.

So much for Inspection 1.

Inspection No. 2, Jan. 31: Everything fine except “One roach crawling on the wall behind the chest freezer by the back door. Manager killed and cleaned the area.” Good effort but it still means the inspector has to come back the next day.

Inspection No. 3., Feb. 1: Hope none of the staff guaranteed West Palm Beach JoJo’s would pass this re-inspection. Seven roaches were crawling on wall behind grill and three compartment sink. Another two were in a camera box on a kitchen shelf. Two more crawled behind a kitchen cooler.

Inspection No. 4, Monday: One live roach was on the wall of a walk-in cooler, another on the floor by the walk-in cooler, a third on a wall by a prep table, a fourth on a wall by the three-compartment sink. “Operator killed all.” Didn’t matter because they’d already killed this inspection.

Inspection No. 5, Monday: The manager killed all three roaches crawling on the floor. But, not before the inspector saw them.

Inspection No. 6, Tuesday: Passed.

La Piazetta, 701 N. Federal Hwy., Hallandale Beach: Routine inspection, 15 total violations, two High Priority violations.

“Accumulation of black/green mold-like substance in the interior of the ice machine.”

Inside a flip top reach-in cooler on the cookline was “soiled with slime and food debris.” That same description got applied to the gaskets in six drawers of the cooler under the pizza prep station.

The inspector counted 96 flies, 33 of which were “on the wall behind the dough mixer and dough trays next to the kitchen.” Another 10 were on pizza dough trays. Three landed on clean cutting boards. Ten more felt comfortable “landing on clean pots and pans on a rack” across from the ice machine and three-compartment sink. In that same area, Approximately 20 flies were “in bags containing wet and dirty towels ... across from ice machine and triple sink in storage area away from kitchen.”

A kitchen meat slicer and a cutting board both were described as “soiled.”

“Employee washed hands with no soap.” With no soap in use, the inspector watched the employee just get them wet.

The kitchen handwash sink lacked soap and any way to dry your hands.

Ney Caribbean Chicken & Seafood Restaurant, 10114 S. Military Tr., Unincorporated Palm Beach: Routine inspection, 11 total violations, four High Priority violations.

Look at the steam table water and you’d find about 10 dead flies floating in it.

The 14 dead roaches were under cookline equipment (five), under the three-compartment sink (five), inside a box of gloves (two) that got thrown out; on a cookline prep table (one); and the edge of a chest freezer (one).

The 23 living roaches were more diverse in their locations. One was on a plate in the ware washing area. Five were on wooden 2x4s on the ground around kitchen walls. One was “on an extension cord directly above the cookline flip top in the kitchen.” Another two sat on the ground at the front counter.

Chicken that was cooked at 4 a.m. and cooling since 6 a.m. was still at 74 degrees, almost room temperature, at 10:25 a.m. It needed to be at 41 degrees or below. Stop Sale.

Employees couldn’t wash or dry their hands at the cookline handwash sink, what with no soap, paper towels or blower.

The re-inspection got ruined by about 10 roaches — five dead, five alive — in the house.

Ney got a Yea on the re-re-inspection.

Subway, 940 S. Main St., Belle Glade: Routine inspection, seven total violations, three High Priority violations.

No paper towels at either handwash sink, but neither of the paper towel dispensers were working.

Five rodent droppings were near a “rat trap under the storage rack where sauces and single service food items are stored.” Rat trap? Who puts out rat traps before they see a rat?

Two rodent droppings were under a rack of clean pans. Eight were under tables at the front counter. Two were between an oven and a handwash sink at the front counter area. Four sat behind a desk and another four were under a beverage storage rack, both near a walk-in cooler for unwashed vegetables. Four were under the three-compartment sink.

Subway passed a re-inspection.