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35 Kids Halloween Movies That Won't Bore Adults To Tears

Have you been on the lookout for kid-friendly Halloween movies you can watch as a family that won't bore your older kids? Look no further — these kids Halloween movies strike a balance between funny and spooky, meaning the whole family will enjoy them. Whether you have teens, tweens, or toddlers, these family-friendly Halloween movies will bring all your kids together for a movie night with minimal grumbling. And though some of these Halloween flicks seem like they can be scary, they're just spooky enough to interest your teens without causing nightmares for your little ones.

From kid-friendly cartoons, to cult classics, to eerie stop motion masterpieces, there's no shortage of kids Halloween movies to choose from this October. You'll see some familiar faces (and hear some familiar voices, like Adam Sandler, Jack Black, and Johnny Depp, to name a few!) If you're looking to win the parent-of-the-year award, you can even decorate the den and whip up a batch of festively spooky snacks for a Halloween family movie night the kids will remember fondly.

35 Kids Halloween Movies That Won't Bore Adults To Tears

For when you've officially seen Hocus Pocus too many times in one month.

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