10 functional clothes and accessories for holiday gifting

We've compiled a list of functional accessories for the style enthusiasts in your life. Heels that convert into flats allow a midday change without the need to carry around an extra pair of shoes. A shirt that repels stains from food and liquids is great for clumsy foodies. And a keychain magnet that allows a bag to be hung anywhere is great for those always on the go. Timecodes 00:07 Vardama stain-repellent shirts 00:30 Vessi Footwear waterproof sneakers 00:53 Pull Patch interchangeable patch hats 01:26 Fashion Footwear convertible heels 01:47 Impulse Modern wellness rings 02:08 Razor Jetts Heel Wheels 02:30 Bagnet magnetic keychain 02:44 Turtleneck dickies 03:05 Mansly Starry Sky lipstick dispensing bag 03:23 The Nori Press steamer For more, check out: https://www.vardama.com/ https://vessi.com/ https://pullpatch.com/ https://pashionfootwear.com/ https://impulse-modern.com/ https://razor.com/products/skates-trikes/jetts-heel-wheels/ https://www.bagnetcompany.com/ https://www.amazon.com/LIFE-PLUS-Turtleneck-Sweater-Fashion/dp/B082RV5YW5 https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4001001676065.html https://nori.co/