10 Great Directors on Their Least Favorite Films They Made

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Nobody’s perfect.

Every movie lover has had the experience of watching a mediocre film, seeing the credits roll and doing a double take. “They directed this?” It can be shocking to see a brilliant director make a bad movie, but it happens to just about everyone. Whether it was a result of studio interference getting in the way of their vision or the director simply doing a bad job, nobody gets through a lengthy film career without the occasional miss.

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At a certain point, all you can do is admit it. And quite a few directors have done just that, precisely identifying their least favorite entries in their own filmographies. If anything, getting great directors to pick their least favorite movies is easier than asking them to choose a favorite. Picking between your best movies is like picking a favorite child. Dissing movies you already dislike is much easier.

From Quentin Tarantino to David Lynch, keep reading for a roundup of great directors disowning their worst films.

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