Update: 10 injured following anti-semitic riots at Makhachkala airport

At least 10 people are being treated for moderate to serious injuries following anti-semitic riots at the Makhachkala Airport in the Russian republic of Dagestan, the Ministry of Health of Dagestan reported on Oct. 30. Two people are in critical condition.

According to the update, police officers and civilians are among the injured. More than 10 people also sought treatment for minor injuries through outpatient care.

The protestors were reportedly trying to find Jews on a plane that had arrived from Tel Aviv. Rioters shouted anti-semitic slogans as they protested against Israel amid its ongoing military conflict with the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip.

Video footage from the airport shows hundreds of protesters, with some carrying Palestinian flags. The videos also show demonstrators stopping cars, entering the airfield, and causing disruption inside the airport.

Russia's aviation authority temporarily closed Makhachkala Airport as a result of the unrest.

The Foreign Ministry of Israel in Jerusalem announced that the Israeli ambassador in Moscow was working with Russian authorities. "The State of Israel takes seriously attempts to harm Israelis citizens and Jews anywhere," the statement said.

Reports about what is currently taking place in the airport--whether protestors have left or or maintain a presence on the runway--have also not been verified. Some Russian-backed media outlets are alleging that protestors have fled the airport while other channels are presenting conflicting reports.

The Chief Rabbi of the Dagestani city of Derbent, Ovadya Isakov, told the publication Podem that “the situation is very difficult in Dagestan, people from the community are afraid, they call, but I don’t know what to advise."

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