10 people shot, at least two fatally, in Park Manor attack

At least 15 people have been shot in Chicago this weekend.

Video Transcript

JESSE KIRSCH: Mark, we know at least 10 people have been shot here according to the Chicago Fire Department. I say at least, because that's just based off of people who were transported to the hospital by the fire department and the two people who, unfortunately, were found dead at the scene here, in addition to one person who refused treatment-- officials saying that there are people who are self-transporting to area hospitals, so the shooting victim total may actually increase beyond 10.

Right now, you can see behind me that it is fairly quiet, just a handful of police vehicles here at this point in the 6700 block of South South Chicago Avenue. But let's show you what it looked like earlier. You can see a massive first responder presence, police and fire department vehicles filling the entire block. And it was noticeable that this was not a typical shooting scene. Of course, we, unfortunately, are covering shootings often here in Chicago, but even this one stood out. Here's what the fire department had to say.

GREG STINNETT: They were running. They were screaming. You know, they were just every-- you know, they were everywhere.

JESSE KIRSCH: This doesn't happen very often with this many.

GREG STINNETT: Well, that's true. I mean, the scene was very chaotic. Even when I arrived, you could hear the chatter on the radio. It was quite chaotic, and our crews did a tremendous job getting their arms around it, you know, sorting out the casualties and the victims. And we were able to triage, treat, and transport everybody effectively.

JESSE KIRSCH: Now at this point, we don't have specifics on the ages of the victims involved in this shooting. And, again, you can see behind me still police on the scene, crime scene tape up around here, and it looks like they're going to be sorting through this for quite some time. No further updates from the Chicago Police Department at this point.

And the fire department, Stacey and Mark, talking about chaos earlier on, we have still seen people coming to the scene even at this point, probably close to two hours later. Almost two hours after this shooting is said to have happened, according to the Chicago Fire Department, people still showing up here looking for loved ones, people screaming still on the scene here, so truly an emotionally fraught situation with at least 10 people shot, two now dead.