10 Pictures of Maine Coon Cats That Prove They're Downright Majestic

large silver maine coone cat laying on a chair
large silver maine coone cat laying on a chair

Alexandra Jursova / Getty

Maine coons may be known as one of the biggest cat breeds—but we know them for having a BIG place in our hearts. These adorably fuzzy babies are not only gorgeous, but they make some of the most excellent pets. They're known for being affectionate to their people with intelligence to boot (yes, a cat that's affectionate! Groundbreaking.). They can even grow up to 40 inches in length! Sounds like the perfect cuddle buddy to me.

If you're already considering adding a Maine coon to the family, let these adorable pictures of Maine coons help make the decision that much easier.

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When Life Gives You Lemons

As if @sophie.mainecoon couldn't get any more gorgeous … add in a lemon-covered bowtie and you've got one GAWGEOUS girl! We bet Sophie would like great in one of these custom bow ties, too.

Just Hangin' Out

What do you think @mco_mufasa is looking at so intently? Our guess is a bird at the window. Or maybe a new box that's just dying to be laid in.

King of the Kayaks

We already know Maine coons are majestic, but @moonking.mainecoon balancing on a kayak and still looking cute as heck while doing so is beyond impressive. I mean, as a human I can barely keep my balance on one!

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Double the Trouble

Double, double toil and trouble. These two cuties may look like they're up to trouble, but they're probably just waiting around for some rubs on their belly floof.

Big Stretch

Being a cat is tough, amirite?! Between grooming themselves, spreading their litter all over the place, keeping pests out the house, and teasing the dog—a cat nap is more than well deserved for @snow_93cat.

Sunbathing Cutie

Pretty sure I just saw a four-leaf clover in the grass—it must be my lucky day! Oh, wait … that's just @themainecoongeorge looking gorgeous as ever. Still feeling lucky.

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Kitten Belly Rubs!

I'm not crying, you are! Maine coon kitten belly rubs are the only thing on my wish list today. Want some more cute kittens?! Check out these photos that are off the charts on the adorable scale.

Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy

This may be the cutest fruit salad we've ever seen. Minus the banana, which obviously belongs to @mikasa_mainecoon, and she's not sharing. Looking for some more cute cat toys? You're going to love these cat toys that are worth every single penny.

Meow Meow!

If cats could talk, what do you think they would say? @kvn_the_cat is definitely complaining about how hot the weather has been lately. Same dude, same.

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Sitting Pretty

"Don't mind me, just sitting here looking gorgeous waiting for some treats." Don't worry @friedemann_bommel, we're whipping up this salmon sweet potato cake for you right away!