10 Quick Hacks To Stop You Stressing Out


Life is short, too short to spend it sweating the small stuff. If you regularly find your stress levels going from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye, then take note of the these quick fixes that will leave you feeling zen in a flash.

1. Take A Break From Social Media

It’s no secret that social media can be responsible for some major mood swings. One sarcastic tweet can quickly turn into a full on Twitter war if taken out of context, while being met with the dreaded blue ticks from your crush on What’s App can turn you into an instant bunny boiler. So put the phone down and step away.

2. 1..2…3… and BREATHE!

It may sound obvious but taking deep breaths is the best form of mediation. Breathing exercises are scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and ease tension thanks to the extra boost of good ol’ oxygen.

3. Stop Checking Your Emails Late At Night

If you’re going to check your emails in bed, you may as well drink ten Red Bull’s before hitting the sack. Lord knows you won’t be getting any sleep if you’re still stressing about issues that can’t possibly be resolved until the morning.


4. Take A Power Walk

The minute you feel your blood pressure rising, take a step back and go for a 10 minute walk as this will help clear your head and boost endorphins, those much-need feel good chemicals in your brain.

5. Have A Snack

It’s true, you’re not you when you’re hungry but, unlike the Yorkie bar advert, tucking into chocolate probably isn’t the best cure for ‘hanger, so opt for filling snacks such as avocado, nuts or a boiled egg. There is a big connection between the gut and the brain, and being malnourished will only elevate stress levels.


6. Ditch The Caffeine

We’re not telling you to ditch that morning cuppa all together (we live in the real world after all!) but caffeine is a stimulant that releases a fight or flight" response. Studies have shown that drinking too much of those magic beans can make anxiety worse leading to mood swings and insomnia.

7. Keep Chewing Gum Close By

Chewing gum isn’t just an instant cure for bad breath after one too many garlic breads! A 2008 study presented at the 10th International Congress of Behavioural Medicine, showed that chomping on a stick of gum can actually relieve anxiety, improve alertness and reduce stress – especially whilst multi-tasking.


8. Turn Up The Tunes

While classical music is meant to be particularly soothing, it’s not to everyone’s taste. So whatever playlist puts you in a good mood, whack in your headphones in and crank up the volume because it’s reported that listening to music can instantly slow your heart rate and decrease your blood pressure.

9. Pucker Up

If you’re feeling stressed or rundown then you might want to pucker up and give your partner a kiss. Research suggests that kissing could be the elixir to make you feel better, as happy chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine are given an instant boost during a cheeky snog that’s much like the rush felt after exercising.


10. Take A Trip To Your ‘Happy Place’

It might sound cheesy, but pick a happy place and visualise it in times of distress. If work is getting too much, take time out to think about that holiday you’ve booked, or the exciting plans you have at the weekend.

And if all else fails, think about licking whipped cream off Channing Tatum’s abs… that always helps us.

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